Education is the national plan, and students are the future pillars of the country. How to effectively protect the safety of campus and personnel has become the focus of parents and teachers. The frequent occurrence of campus massacres also makes it necessary to strengthen the management of personnel access.

At present, most of the campus safety management measures are relatively backward, and still stay on the basis of manual management. There are 800 to 20000 people in each school, so it is impossible for managers to identify every person who enters or leaves the school by memory. Therefore, strangers can go in and out of the school at will, causing great hidden danger to the life safety and property safety of teachers and students.

Some students are addicted to the Internet. They don’t go to class all day or skip class midway. Schools and parents can’t understand the situation of students in time, and even don’t know about it for a long time, which delays the opportunity of education and counseling and affects the healthy growth of students.

There are many schools where students live on campus. Therefore, the management of students’ dormitories (such as staying out of dormitories during school growing up, coming back late, staying away at night, entering dormitories illegally, etc.) is also a problem that must be considered in school security. It is necessary to protect the safety of students’ life as well as their property.

At present, although most of the campus realize video monitoring, but the identity of the people in and out of the campus can not be unified, and the sainna campus access card system can effectively realize the identification of the people in and out of the campus, illegal intrusion alarm, video linkage capture and video recording.

Sainna campus access card can also realize the dormitory management, students’ real-time going to bed and leaving bed, class attendance management, examination attendance management, barrier free access management of campus entrance and exit, water control management, parking management, consumption management and other functions.

Sainna access control system can realize the function of SMS notification, so that parents can know the situation of students entering, leaving, sleeping and returning to school at any time, and relieve parents’ worries about their children’s safety in school.

System features:

Sainna campus channel management system has the characteristics of flexible system architecture, high security performance, high cost performance, strong system function, simple operation, graphical management and good scalability.

In order not to affect the normal passage of students in rush hours and emergencies, but also to effectively manage and judge the personnel entering and leaving, the campus channel management system adopts channel control and combines the barrier free channel, infrared detection, video monitoring, sound and light alarm, voice broadcast and other equipment for linkage management. The system will automatically read the information through the personnel without holding a swipe card Pass the information in the card carried by the personnel and judge its legitimacy. The barrier free dual channel can pass more than 150 people per minute, which greatly improves the traffic speed, the accuracy of identification and the safety of the campus, meets the requirements of the relevant national departments and education departments for the safety management of the school, so as to achieve the purpose of humanized, scientific and intelligent management.

The system adopts the management mode of “hardware equipment + server platform software + workstation”. Each management office of the school can configure different workstations (campus monitoring workstation, application workstation, equipment workstation, linkage workstation) according to the management function to realize different management.

Function and Scheme Application of sainna Campus Channel Management System

1. Illegal user alarm function

When the external personnel or other personnel with cards but without authority (such as other dormitory building personnel) pass through the channel, the channel will send out sound and light alarm to prompt the teacher in charge of the school gate or dormitory management. At the same time, the camera will be linked to capture the video image of the passing personnel, so as to effectively prevent the entry of external personnel. At the same time, the system also has the function of anti tailing, which can accurately identify each card in the case of a large number of people, and effectively prevent tailing.

2. Quick pass function

In the peak hours of school and after school, the dual channel can pass more than 150 people per minute, without congestion. As there are no obstacles, the evacuation of people will not be affected under special circumstances.

3. Real time display

When the students pass, the name, class, student number, photo of the students, and the name, telephone number, work unit, photo of the parents can be displayed on the large screen in real time.

4. Two way in and out, automatic direction recognition

Each channel can be in and out, greatly improving the utilization rate of equipment. When personnel pass through, the system will automatically identify the in and out direction, provide more accurate data for managers, and prevent students from leaving bed or skipping class again after swiping the card.

5. Automatic statistics function

Teachers in charge of school gate and dormitory management don’t need to check the class or dormitory manually. They just need to select the corresponding class or dormitory through the system personnel counting function, and click query to automatically generate the list of students who have arrived or haven’t arrived at the school or returned to the dormitory. Then they can check the class or dormitory according to the name list provided in the query report, which greatly saves manpower and time and improves work efficiency.

6. Prevent swipe card

Every time the card is swiped, the system will automatically display the name, class, student number, photo and other information of the swipe card holder, and capture the image of the card holder, and bind the captured image with the swipe card information, which effectively prevents the phenomenon of replacing the swipe card.

7. Support “anti submarine and anti backwardness”

If the students give the card (such as throwing it out of the window) to others to enter again, the system will generate sound light alarm and voice prompt.

8. At the same time, it supports remote automatic card swiping and active card swiping

For automatic card swiping, students only need to carry the card with them, and they don’t need to swipe the card actively. The system will automatically read the information in the card and judge its legitimacy, which is fast and convenient.

Active card swiping means that the personnel in and out of the library hold the card and approach the card reader actively to identify the card information, and there is no need to stay when passing.

9. Video linkage function

The system can capture the video of the people who pass through the channel, and bind the captured video with the swipe card information of the people who pass through the channel, which is convenient for comparison and identification of suspicious people. It avoids the ordinary DVR to find a small amount of abnormal video clips from the massive video data, saves a lot of time and improves the work efficiency.

10. Embody humanized management

Schools and dormitories will be equipped with intelligent safety channel management system, so that schools and dormitories will not need to be equipped with more management personnel, which further reflects the atmosphere of scientific and humanistic management.

11. Intelligent management

School and dormitory channel management system can be in and out, the system will automatically determine the direction of personnel in and out and the legitimacy of the card, and make the corresponding action and prompt, without human and manual intervention.

12. Saving management cost

Schools and dormitories to install intelligent security channel management system, we can consider canceling or reducing the school and dormitory management personnel, so as to reduce a lot of management costs for the school.

13. Automatic alarm function for abnormal conditions

When a student does not arrive at school or leaves school halfway, or does not return for a long time or does not leave after entering the dormitory for a long time, the system can automatically notify the corresponding management teacher by voice through the computer, or send SMS to inform the management teacher or the student’s parents.

14. Record query and report output function

The management personnel can query the relevant records according to the needs, understand the situation at that time, so as to trace the relevant responsible person, and generate the corresponding report printout.

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