The 3390 arbitrary waveform / function generator with first-class performance and the lowest price in the industry is introduced by jishili. This product will provide advanced waveform generation function and flexibility for your application with unparalleled price advantage. 3390 is a programmable signal generator with flexible function, simple and easy to use. It has advanced function, pulse and arbitrary waveform generation ability. 3390 has excellent signal integration ability, fast rise and fall time, extremely low noise and large capacity waveform memory, which can provide high quality output signal. The capacity of 3390 waveform memory is four times higher than other similar waveform generators on the market, and it can support high-resolution waveform. 3390 is a complete signal generation solution for up to 50MHz waveform applications with its fully functional ARB and high-speed and easy-to-use characteristics.

Function and characteristic analysis of model 3390 arbitrary waveform / function generator

Product features:

·Best in class performance

·50MHz sine wave frequency

·25MHz pulse frequency

·Arbitrary waveform generator with 256K points and 14 bit resolution

·Built in function generator functions include: sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, noise, DC, etc

·Precise pulse and square wave with fast (5ns) rise / fall time

·Integrated 10MHz external time scale to support synchronization between multiple devices

·Integrated am, FM, PM, FSK, PWM modulation

·Support frequency scanning and burst function

·Integrated waveform creation software kiwave

·Compatible with lxiclassic

·Best combination – jishili 2100 six and a half USB digital multimeter (six and a half precision, five and a half price)

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