The ltc3780mp operates with a single inductor and can provide up to 150W output power with a single device. When multiple circuits are connected in parallel, higher power can be achieved. With 4-switch synchronous rectification, the device can provide an efficiency of up to 98%.

The ltc3780mp operates at a selectable fixed frequency of 200kHz to 400kHz and can be synchronized to the external clock with its phase-locked loop (PLL) in the same range. Its wide input range of 4V to 36V, output range of 0.8V to 30V and seamless conversion between working modes make the device very suitable for military, automotive and battery powered systems. Ltc3780mp adopts a proprietary current control architecture to achieve constant frequency operation in buck or boost mode, and has a powerful on-chip MOSFET gate driver. The device provides fault protection against overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit in all operating modes. The on time of the output voltage can be adjusted by the programmable soft start of the device. A good power output indicates whether the output voltage is stable. In light load, the user can select continuous, pulse jump and burst mode ®) This can safely supply power to the pre biased load.

Ltc3780mp operates in the working junction temperature range of – 55oc to 125oC, and 100% has been tested. The device is packaged with 24 lead SSOP.

Function and application of linear DC / DC controller ltc3780

Performance summary: ltc3780mp

Single inductor architecture

Operate at an input voltage higher, equal or lower than the output voltage

Input voltage range from 4V to 36V

Output voltage range from 0.8V to 30V

-Wide operating junction temperature range from 55oc to + 125oC

Synchronous rectification

Up to 98% efficiency

On chip MOSFET gate driver

150W output power

Optional fixed or PLL synchronous operating frequency (200kHz to 400kHz)

Power supply good output signal

Current mode control enables fast transient response and easy loop compensation

Overvoltage and overcurrent protection

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