Speaking of AR, maybe everyone is familiar with it, but what is ar? Where can ar be used? We can’t tell why.

Augmented reality, or ar for short, is a technology that calculates the position and angle of the camera image in real time and adds the corresponding image. The goal of this technology is to set the virtual world on the screen in the real world and interact.

At present, AR has been widely used in various fields. For example, in the medical field, doctors can use augmented reality technology to easily locate the surgical site accurately; In the field of network video communication, the system uses AR technology and face tracking technology to overlay virtual objects such as hats and glasses on the caller’s face in real time while talking, which greatly improves the interest of video conversation; in the field of entertainment and games, AR games can let players in different places around the world enter a real natural scene together to create a virtual environment In the field of map navigation, AR technology can identify the location, obtain the geographical data of the current location, and realize virtual reality navigation. Having said so much, it’s better to be practical. Here are some software that you may have used, but you don’t know it’s the application of AR technology.

Baidu map ar live navigation

With the development of economy, the traffic condition is becoming more and more complicated. If you are not careful, you will take the wrong road. At this time, you need an AR real-time navigation app. The AR real-time navigation software perfectly combines AR technology with navigation function. You can see the panoramic road condition and destination through your mobile phone with one click. It has clear direction and can plan the route guidance in advance at the intersection.

Although Baidu map mobile version is not a god level application, it is a good map software to a certain extent. Baidu map mobile version is also handy in use, without too many complicated buttons and equipped with AR live navigation. The biggest change of AR navigation for users is intuition. In the real traffic information, some virtual pointing arrows appear in real time to guide us forward more intuitively.

Fun and practical ar software recommendation

World Brush

World brush allows users to draw 3D shapes and designs in the real world. Users can use the application brush to smear around, as a sticker or art painting. And whatever the user draws remains there until the user removes it.

Fun and practical ar software recommendation

Each painting is anonymous and stored in the created GPS location. In addition, users can share their own works later.

Fun and practical ar software recommendation

Smart tools

“Smart tools” is a very practical measurement tool, based on AR (augmented reality) technology. Have ruler, rangefinder, flashlight, compass, compass and sound vibration and other tools. For example, when you want to test the relative distance between the object in front of you and yourself, the real scene + Pythagorean theorem can quickly get the final result. It’s the same with goniometer and altimeter. The addition of real scene allows us to measure things that are difficult to measure. Of course, due to the errors of the lens and hand-held, the measurement results here may not be as accurate as the real ruler, but the victory lies in the simplicity and efficiency, which is very useful in many cases.

Fun and practical ar software recommendation

Wanna Kicks

In today’s popular online shopping for shoes, I believe many shoe fans have encountered the experience of not suitable for themselves after receiving the real object. After all, there is a gap between the photos of a pair of shoes and the real object.

Through the combination of AR technology and smart phone camera, wanna kicks can help you see the effect of sports shoes on your feet, and even simulate the various effects of shoes in different light environments. Users only need to select a pair of shoes from the list of 3D models, point the camera at the foot, and then they can see the effect of wearing the shoes in wanna kicks.

This effect is very real-time and can track you well to move and rotate your feet or change the angle of the camera. Users can even try to walk, and the AR app will follow you. But the effect of standing in front of the mirror is not very good, and wanna kicks’ manufacturers promise to solve this problem in subsequent updates.

Fun and practical ar software recommendation


Cloud View is the first field of intelligent application based on AR technology in mobile Internet. It breaks through the limitation of the traditional museum exhibits and allows the artifacts to “live”. It is a revolutionary product that changes the way of Museum viewing in the mobile Internet plus era.

The mobile version of Cloud View Expo can view the past and present lives of cultural relics through audio, video, pictures and other forms by scanning the cultural relics with mobile phones. It is very convenient for parents and children to explain the history of the cultural relics immediately.

Fun and practical ar software recommendation


Qlone is a good content creation tool, which makes it easy and fast to scan real objects, use the camera of the mobile phone, modify them in the application, and seamlessly export the results to many platforms, 3D file formats and 3D printers.

When scanning objects from two different angles, qlone will automatically merge to get better and more complete 3D results. Through the integration tools in the application, qlone software can optimize and modify 3D models without exporting them. People who are more interested in 3D printing may prefer this software, which is really convenient.

Fun and practical ar software recommendation

Although these apps are still relatively rough, it is undeniable that AR has gradually changed our lives. It can be predicted that with the maturity of technology and more time for developers, AR applications in the future will produce more new ideas and more practical significance.


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