As for the full screen, I believe most consumers are not unfamiliar. The latest mobile phones and tablets are focusing on full screen. This is a trend and an innovation in the screen industry. Nowadays, the full screen TV has become a craze! Full screen TV, let us no longer stick to the screen frame limit, but in the limited screen, have a broader vision, more visual sense.

Konka AI voice TV U5

Price: 2399 yuan

Konka recently launched the new U5 series, which has four advantages: Panoramic AI voice control, full screen lamination technology, 4khdr2 bright high dynamic and high configuration.

Konka full screen AI intelligent voice TV led55u5 adopts full screen lamination technology, and the TV screen does not need to be wrapped by the frame, realizing the three sides almost “boundless” full screen design, so that the line of view can be fully extended and the visual experience is better. 55 inch screen, the appearance size is 1227mm * 266mm * 777.7mm, and the thickness of fuselage is about 6.6mm. Silver gray metal frame, and the full screen with more fashionable.

Konka full screen AI intelligent voice TV led55u5 hardware stack is commendable. It adopts Huawei Hisilicon chip, and is configured with A73 dual core architecture, with a total of 36 cores, which makes the TV have stronger performance, faster transmission speed and lower power consumption. The 4k12bit engine improves the image quality of Konka U5, and enriches the details and colors. With 2GB high-speed memory, the system can respond faster, and more favorite apps can be installed with a large capacity of 16GB.

Konka AI voice TV led55u5 cooperates with Tencent and Youku, covering high-quality content such as popular dramas, movies, variety sports and so on, which can meet the different preferences of a family. It is worth mentioning that the education channel, e-learning online education, includes early childhood education, compulsory school (Huanggang Education), vocational examination, interests and hobbies. You can also travel knowledge horizon at home.

Konka U5 supports AI voice control. The intelligent voice system of U5 series can help you realize many TV functions. As long as you say what you want, TV can help you do it immediately. Moreover, it has an advanced intelligent language recognition system, which can recognize Mandarin, Sichuan dialect, Henan dialect and Cantonese with accent, so that the elderly and children can easily use it.

Tcl55t680 intelligent LCD TV

Price: 3199 yuan

Tcl55t680 intelligent LCD TV adopts a new generation of art5 full screen design. The new generation of art5 round corner technology is closer to the frame than the previous generation, bringing significant improvement in vision and preventing screen drop and light leakage. In addition, the display also uses a processing technology called composite membrane technology, which reduces the water ripple on all black and white scenes when viewing compared with the previous generation of full screen.

Tcl55t680 intelligent LCD TV is equipped with a new generation of ms848 movement and A73 + A53 intelligent dual engine, which makes the operation faster and more convenient. It has 2GB + 16GB storage and the operating system is TV + os4.0.

With 4K + full ecological HDR, 3840 * 2160 resolution, all details can be clearly displayed. It also has multiple image quality health protection, MEMC motion anti shake, hybrid dimming technology, anti blue light mode and natural light. In the thinking scene, multi-dimensional adjustment is carried out to improve the overall image quality.

Konka 55a10 smart TV

Price: 3599 yuan

Konka 55a10 full screen smart TV adopts a new generation of add full screen design, AAA class 4K screen. Arc corner design, soft anti light leakage, GOP technology, make the frame more fit.

Konka 55a10 full screen smart TV is equipped with 3gb + 64GB storage. After upgrading, 3gb operation and storage can broaden the channel for TV, and multiple programs in the background can be opened at the same time. With 64GB of large memory, more music, video and application apps can be downloaded. Built in panoramic AI, free of remote field voice control, very convenient.

In terms of hardware, it has built-in A79 + A53 dual engine combination. Through the effective division of labor through AI brain matching, the CPU operation efficiency is upgraded. The super chip data processing is 1.7GHz high, and can be accurately achieved.

It also carries panoramic AI, covering multiple life scenes, such as smart home, Life Encyclopedia, weather query, intelligent recommendation, chat dialogue, TV control, online education, channel search and other life scenes, bringing a lot of convenience to life.

Pptv full screen smart TV 65ux5

Price: 4999 yuan

Pptv full screen smart TV 65ux5 adopts the technology of frameless full screen, and adopts full metal frame of sand blasting and oxidation. The design of full screen makes the viewing experience better. 65 inch screen, screen thickness 11mm. The back panel and screen adopt metal frame, and there is no seam of secondary splicing.

Pptv full screen smart TV 65ux5 has 4K Ultra HD picture quality, hifi audio quality Dolby decoding, HDR high dynamic range contrast decoding technology, and is equipped with a new biuos operating system.

In terms of image quality, pptv full screen smart TV 65ux5 has 4K resolution, 8.29 million pixels, and adopts the sixth generation of image quality processing engine, which makes the picture feel more real, clear and smooth. In terms of technology, HDR decoding technology greatly improves the picture contrast and color saturation, and shows the brightness of high dynamic range, even the dark details can be clearly presented.

In terms of definition, it has 4K ultra high definition image quality, resolution of 3840×2160, and up to 8.29 million pixels, which makes the imaging effect more real and clearer.

Pptv full screen smart TV 65ux5 is equipped with a new biuos (TV Version) system, 1GB + 8GB large storage, built-in new amlogict960 chip, cpucortex-a53 * 41.5ghz, GPU mali450 * 5, which can meet daily use.

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