MEMS is a multi-disciplinary complex system. The whole industrial chain involves design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, software and application. The upstream of the MEMS industry chain is responsible for the design of MEMS devices, the supply of materials and production equipment. The midstream produces MEMS devices, and the downstream uses MEMS devices to manufacture terminal electronic products.

The whole industry chain of MEMS is complex, involving many manufacturers; China’s design, manufacturing, packaging and testing manufacturers are actively layout MEMS, and have formed a complete MEMS industry chain.

1. Global MEMS manufacturers

The top ten MEMS manufacturers in the world mainly include Bosch, STMicroelectronics, HP, Texas Instruments, Canon, invensense, Avago and qorvo, Lou’s electronics, Panasonic, etc. Bosch, because of its dual layout in automotive electronics and consumer electronics, firmly occupies the first position in the industry, and its revenue accounts for about one third of the total revenue of the five major companies.

Most of the major manufacturers in MEMS industry are fabless, such as Lou’s, HP, Canon, etc. At the same time, parallel IDM manufacturers are also vertically involved in all aspects of the whole industrial chain, such as Bosch and St, which have their own wafer OEM production lines.

Figure: Global MEMS manufacturers


There are two main types of MEMS OEM: MEMS OEM provided by IDM manufacturer, MEMS OEM provided by independent OEM, including IC OEM and pure MEMS OEM. In recent years, fabless mode MEMS device manufacturers have developed rapidly. Independent MEMS manufacturers are striving to seek standardized processes to improve economies of scale, reduce manufacturing time and cost, which makes independent MEMS manufacturers grow rapidly. However, IDM OEM is still in the leading position in the market.

3. MEMS packaging test

At present, the international manufacturers with MEMS packaging and testing capabilities mainly include Sunmoon, anrely, silicon products, Licheng technology, etc., while the domestic manufacturers include Huatian technology, Changdian technology, Jingfang technology, etc. Although the domestic MEMS front-end manufacturing still lags behind the international manufacturers, because the domestic packaging technology started earlier, the domestic MEMS industry chain back-end packaging is relatively perfect.

China’s MEMS industry

From the perspective of product use field structure, there is a significant gap between domestic MEMS companies and foreign companies in business scale, technical level, product structure, and 60% – 70% of the design products are concentrated in traditional fields such as accelerometer and pressure sensor. Process development is the most important problem in China’s MEMS industry. The technical strength and production process of products need to be improved. The scale of failure in domestic MEMS industry is relatively small, but there is a lot of room for development in terms of market scale. Facing the huge domestic consumer electronics market, it is also a shortcut for fabless to produce and sell by itself to meet the demand of some domestic low-end markets.

1. Regional layout of domestic sensor Enterprises

China’s MEMS design enterprises are mainly concentrated in East China, accounting for about 55% of the total number of enterprises in China

Shanghai: Shen Di, Si Rui, Li Heng, Xin Min, Wei Lian, Ming Dong, Wen Xiang, Tian Ying, Ju Ge

Suzhou: Mingfu, Minxin, Shuangqiao, Duowei, nengstar, Wenhao, San senor, Ximei

Wuxi: Meixin, Le’er, konsensk, wei’ao, Jiede, Bitron, Weina, Xinao, Wopu

Others: Shenzhen Ruisheng, Shandong Geer, Hebei Mattel, Shanxi Ketai, Zhengzhou Weisheng, Beijing Shuimu Zhixin, Zhejiang Dali, Wuhan Gaode, Chengdu Guoteng, Xi’an Lide, Tianjin micro nano core, etc.

2. Brief introduction of China MEMS industry chain related enterprises

1) Neville technology – the leader of MEMS OEM in China

Neville technology is one of the few enterprises with military qualification whose domestic products cover both inertial and satellite navigation. Based on the navigation industry, the company has formed an industry chain of “inertial navigation + satellite navigation + integrated navigation” after years of development. It has mastered several key technologies of inertial navigation, integrated navigation and high-precision satellite navigation and positioning. At the same time, its holding subsidiary has professional qualifications for military product R & D, production and sales.

2) Su’ao sensor – the leader of domestic automotive fuel sensor

The full name of su’ao sensor is Jiangsu aoliwei sensor Hi Tech Co., Ltd. its main business is R & D, production and sales of auto parts. The main products are divided into three categories, namely sensors and accessories, fuel system accessories and automotive interior parts. At present, it is one of the largest automobile fuel sensor manufacturers in China and a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province. The company was listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on April 29, 2016. At present, the company has four subsidiaries, namely Sensor Research Institute, Schurch precision, Yantai aoliwei and Wuhan aoliwei. On October 8, 2015, the company decided to liquidate and cancel the sensor research institute.

3) Suzhou gutechnetium mass production MEMS inertial sensor

Suzhou goodtech is the most complete manufacturer of design, manufacturing, packaging and sales in the domestic semiconductor discrete device diode industry. It has formed a complete industrial chain from front-end chip design to back-end packaging technology. The main products include automotive rectifier diodes, power modules, rectifier diode chips, silicon rectifier diodes, switching diodes, voltage stabilizing diodes, micro bridge stacks, military fuses, photovoltaic bypass modules, etc. the products are widely used in many fields such as aerospace, automobile, green lighting, it, household appliances and power supply devices of large equipment. The company designs and develops silver paste for solar cells and various electronic pastes, and develops and mass produces MEMS sensors in the field of Internet of things.

4) Huagong technology – the leader of domestic home appliance temperature sensor

Relying on Huazhong University of science and technology, with laser technology and its application as the main business, Huagong technology has established an industrial pattern of laser equipment manufacturing, optical communication devices, laser holographic imitation, sensors and modern service industry, with intelligent manufacturing and IOT technology as the main business development direction. The products of Huagong laser, Huagong Zhengyuan, Huagong Gaoli, Huagong image and Huagong Saibai are widely used in machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automobile industry, iron and steel metallurgy, shipbuilding industry, communication network, national defense and military industry, and their market share is in the leading position in the industry.

5) Schlumberger – a rare IDM semiconductor company in China

Swain micro is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of integrated circuits and semiconductor microelectronics related products. It is mainly divided into power supply and power drive product line, MCU product line, digital audio and video product line, Internet of things technology and product line, RF and mixed signal product line, discrete device product line, etc. At present, it is one of the few IDM mode semiconductor companies in China.

6) Hanwei Electronics – domestic gas sensor leader

Hanwei electronics is the largest gas sensor and instrument manufacturer in China. Focusing on the Internet of things industry, the company closely combines the Internet of things technologies such as sensor, intelligent terminal, communication technology, cloud computing and geographic information to build Hanwei cloud, establish a complete Internet of things industry chain, and provide perfect solutions for smart city, safe production, environmental protection and people’s health in combination with environmental protection and energy saving technology. Hanwei electronics adheres to the development strategy of “focusing on professional market segments”. Its products and system solutions have been applied in nearly 100 countries around the world. It has established an overall layout with sensors as the core, covering multiple types of detection instruments and industrial Internet of things applications.

7) Avic-mems leader

AVIC electronic measuring instrument Co., Ltd. is a holding company of AVIC. Its main business includes the development of resistance strain gauge, precision resistance, strain sensor, weighing instrument and software, airborne and ground test system, vehicle performance and environmental protection detection system, intelligent training system for motor vehicle drivers, remote network supervision network platform, and so on Military and civil measurement and control products and system solutions, such as vehicle weighing control system, industrial automation system, precision electromechanical control products and Internet of things applications. The company has international level design capability, high-level process equipment and manufacturing technology, and occupies a leading position in the domestic high-end strain gauge and sensor market

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