Zhang Wei and Zhou Peng, professors of the school of microelectronics of Fudan University, published an article online in nature · nanotechnology under the title of van der Waals structure semi floating gate storage for quasi nonvolatile applications, creating a new era of the third type of storage technology.

The two-dimensional semiconductor quasi-nonvolatile storage prototype device developed by Zhang Wei and Zhou Peng’s team has subversive significance and created the third type of storage technology. Its writing speed is 10000 times faster than the current USB flash disk. The storage time of data can also be determined by itself and will disappear automatically after the expiration date. This also solves the difficult problem of “writing speed” and “nonvolatile” in international semiconductor charge storage technology.

It is reported that there are two main types of semiconductor charge storage technology at present. The first type is volatile storage, such as the memory in the computer. The data will disappear immediately after power failure; The second type is nonvolatile storage, such as the U disk commonly used by people. After writing data, it can be stored for 10 years without additional energy. The former can write data in a few nanoseconds, and the second type of charge storage technology needs a few microseconds to tens of microseconds to save the data.

The new charge storage technology developed this time not only meets the data writing speed of 10 nanoseconds, but also realizes the quasi-nonvolatile characteristics of adjustable data customized on demand (10 seconds-10 years). This new feature can not only greatly reduce the storage power consumption in high-speed memory, but also disappear naturally after the expiration of data validity. It solves the contradiction between confidentiality and transmission in special application scenarios.

This is a new technology facing the future. At present, scientists all over the world are trying to use graphene based two-dimensional materials to make “supercomputers” in pursuit of the goal of “faster computing speed and greater storage space”. The third type of storage technology developed by Fudan team this time can provide the most efficient and high-capacity storage for supercomputers made of two-dimensional materials in the future.

“For example, driverless cars and intelligent traffic violation notification systems are all pursuing the characteristics of fast computing speed and large storage capacity. The third type of storage technology will be widely used in the future.” Zhang Wei said that the memory speed of a computer is the key to its computing speed. Quasi nonvolatile memory based on two-dimensional semiconductor can realize high-density integration based on large-scale synthesis technology. It will play an important role in many fields, such as very low-power high-speed storage, data validity and degree of freedom utilization.

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