Shanghai, May 12, 2022 – Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd. recently launched low-power ultra wide voltage fm24lnxxx series I2C Serial EEPROM memory, which can meet the application needs of CCM, white electricity, electricity meter instrument, 5g communication, vehicle and other related application fields.

The first batch of capacity of this series includes fm24ln64 (64kbit) and fm24ln128 (128kbit). The product supports an ultra wide working voltage range of 1.1V ~ 5.5V, the temperature covers – 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃, the working frequency of 400kHz / 1MHz is supported in the whole voltage range, the typical standby current at 5.5V is less than 1uA, and the reading and writing current does not exceed 0.8ma. The product meets the high reliability requirements of 4 million erasures and 100 years of data storage. In addition, fm24lnxxx series products will cover 64kbit~2mbit capacity, of which the maximum operating frequency of new products with 256kbit~2mbit capacity will be extended to the high speed mode of 3.4MHz, which can meet the needs of customers for faster read and write access speed.

• ultra wide operating voltage range: at present, the mainstream eerpom operating voltage range at home and abroad is 1.7v~5.5v. The fm24lnxxx series of Fudan micro has an ultra wide operating voltage range (1.1v~5.5v), low power consumption design, supports mainstream applications such as 1.2v/1.8v/3.3v/5.5v, and is compatible with 400khz/1mhz clocks in the full voltage range.

• special optimization for CCM applications: fm24lnxxx series directly supports two IO voltage applications of 1.2v/1.8v to meet the needs of new CCM applications and facilitate user stock up and inventory management. The IO voltage is consistent with the VCC voltage. The EEPROM power supply can reuse one digital power supply (such as vdd12) on the CCM module to reduce the power wiring overhead on the PCB.

• high reliability index characteristics: according to the characteristics of the streaming process platform and the deep understanding of the working principle of memory products, the product development team has specially optimized the EEPROM memory reading and writing circuit, and realized the high reliability index characteristics of fm24lnxxx series with 4 million erasure life and 100 year data retention time.

• other product functions: fm24lnxxx series supports byte writing, page writing, current address reading, free reading, sequential reading and other operation modes; With device address configurable function, it supports up to 8 EEPROM on I2C bus; The input pin is filtered by Schmitt trigger to suppress noise; It has the function of internal timing of erasure time (max 5ms) and software protection (SWP).

In terms of packaging, fm24lnxxx series supports sop8/tdfn/tssop/wlcsp and other packages. The WLCSP package supports two specifications: 400um*400um and 400um*500um ball pitch. In terms of control and traceability, fm24lnxxx series has an additional page of readable and writable security sector security zone and 128 bit read-only unique identification code written by the manufacturer to facilitate product traceability.

The AC, DC, reliability and other key indicators of fm24lnxxx series memory will be completely benchmarked in the industry, and some indicators will be leading in the industry. It is expected that the products will promote the rapid increase of Fudan Microelectronics EEPROM’s market share in automotive electronics, high engineering regulations and mobile camera modules.

In addition, fm25nxxx (SPI interface) series EEPROM memory is also under development. Its working voltage will cover 1.7V ~ 5.5V, capacity will cover 64kbit ~ 4Mbit, temperature support – 40 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃, maximum support 20MHz working frequency, 4 million erasure life and 100 year data retention time. Fudan Microelectronics will also launch a full range of vehicle specification level EEPROM, meeting the requirements of aec-q100 Grade1.

After 22 years of iterative polishing, Fudan Microelectronics fm24cxxx, fm25xxx, fm93cxx and other series of wide voltage Serial EEPROM products have formed a mature product line covering 1kbit ~ 1mbit capacity and I2C / SPI / microwire interface, which has successively passed the industrial and automotive assessment. Fudan Microelectronics’ production and control capacity in EEPROM and the mass production and supply capacity of streaming and sealing test are among the highest in the market share in the subdivided fields such as electricity meters, household appliances and industrial control.

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