Shenzhen, China – September 24, 2020 – future electronics, the world’s leading distributor of electronic components, and STMicroelectronics recently jointly held a special technology day for Mindray medical electronics, and had the honor to invite engineers from Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd. (Mindray) to participate, Bring the latest technology and product solutions to the rapidly growing medical electronic equipment in the late stage of the epidemic.

Raymond Huang, vice president of sales of Fuchang electronics in China, said in his opening speech: “As one of the market segments that Fuchang electronics focuses on, the acceleration of medical electronics in the global epidemic environment this year is both an opportunity and a challenge for all market participants. For this reason, Fuchang electronics hopes to provide all-round support to medical customers, including product technology and solutions, goods preparation and inventory, flexible accounting period and other services, so as to create a safe and comprehensive environment for everyone Better supply chain environment. “

(picture: huangliming, vice president of sales of Fuchang electronics in China)

Vice president of Italian French semiconductor Caozhiping, general manager of China, attended the event and said: “As one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, STMicroelectronics and thousands of partners have worked together to develop and build ecology, and actively deployed in strategic markets including intelligent driving, power and energy, the Internet of things and 5g. Therefore, we also hope to work with Fuchang electronics and Mindray medical to make use of the technological progress of the semiconductor industry and innovative thinking to open up new territory and expand common development.”

(picture: caozhiping, vice president of Italian French semiconductor and general manager of China)

When talking about the market development of medical electronics, Francesco muggeri, vice president of regional market and application of power division and analog products and Devices Department of Italy France semiconductor Asia Pacific, said: “STMicroelectronics is committed to providing one-stop products and solutions for industrial applications, including medical electronics. Starting from the technical trends of safer, higher power density and more intelligent, STMicroelectronics provides a wide range of application solutions for medical equipment innovation, including data acquisition, data processing, motion control, security, connection and so on.”

Subsequently, technical experts from Italy France semiconductor introduced its latest medical electronic solutions, including the application of its star product line STM32 Series MCU and MPU in the field of medical products, the application of STM32 in image processing and GUI design, the application of St ultrasound and ECG related products, and the application of its peripheral power devices, protection devices, NFC, RFID, power management and other product lines in the field of medical and health.

As a leading enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service of medical devices in China, Mindray medical is deeply engaged in the field of medical devices. Its products have covered three major fields: life information and support, in vitro diagnosis and medical imaging. It is committed to meeting the clinical and health diagnosis and treatment needs with a safe, efficient and easy-to-use “one-stop” overall solution.

On the day of the event, the engineers from the three parties discussed the technical requirements and cutting-edge technical solutions for the development of medical electronics, striving to provide more perfect products and solutions for medical devices through technological innovation.

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