What is the current situation and value of medical artificial intelligence in actual medical treatment? Medical imaging AI is still the darling of the whole AI circle and capital circle, with rich product categories and gradually approaching the clinical use scene; Many companies have obtained class II medical device certificates, some have obtained CE and FDA certificates, and nearly 20 CFDA class III certificates are actively applying for hospitals, doctors and patients are welcoming AI with a positive attitude; Companies are actively exploring the form of landing in the commercial sector.

In addition to the hot field of medical imaging + AI, AI + radiotherapy also brings unexpected value changes to medical treatment. At the summit, Kang Shigong, co-founder and vice president of global medical, said that radiotherapy, as the main means of treating tumors, is seriously underestimated in China, which is exactly where science and technology can exert its power.

There are many scenarios of AI landing medical treatment. Health management is an important one, but at the same time, it is also controversial: is health management just needed? What is the market acceptance? Can AI + health management be implemented and even commercialized? As a pioneer of AI + health management, Li Yuxin, founder of health benefits, analyzed the business path of AI + health management enabling the whole industry, and indicated: “there are many cars on the runway of science, technology and medical treatment. Should we take the car? We should make the car and core engine.”

China has the largest population in the world, and nearly 8 billion people are diagnosed and treated every year. The accumulated medical text information can be described as massive. So, how to mine the potential value of these information data and find suitable application scenarios? Zhang Shaodian, founder of senyi intelligence, said: “at present, many medical problems, especially diagnosis and treatment problems, in the final analysis, come from the insufficient supply of high-quality resources. First, it is the government and society to create new supplies; second, what we can do is to use AI to improve the existing quality and provide digital and intelligent software solutions for hospitals.”

From scale to value, medical technology will create unlimited possibilities

At present, China’s big health industry is ushering in a new upgrading stage, that is, the transformation from “scale” to “value”. The medical industry has entered the value era, which is naturally inseparable from the boost of scientific and technological forces.

Before AI entered medical treatment, the Internet, as a new scientific and technological means, had already set foot in medical treatment. As the first batch of enterprises to explore Internet medicine in China, Dr. Chunyu has proposed to “solve health problems with innovative models” since its establishment in 2011. Up to now, Dr. Chunyu has accumulated 130 million users and become one of the well-known Internet Medical platforms. Zeng Boyi, chairman of Dr. Chunyu, shared his views on the value trend of Internet medicine in the second half of the conference. He believed that Internet medicine should focus on user value; From general practice online consultation to deep cultivation, some specialties form a closed loop; From single medical service to the establishment of long-term trust relationship.

In 2019, a round of innovation and transformation war from “scale” to “value” is about to ignite. What are the expectations and challenges for medical science and technology? At this conference, we invited representatives from three different fields of technology, capital and industry practitioners in the science and technology medical industry, and the tripartite negotiations sparked a lot of sparks.

In terms of the current situation of scientific research in the field of medical artificial intelligence, startups have considerable technical strength, no less than professional scientific research institutions; Gao rongqiang, CO CMO of Lianying intelligence, believes that AI can change many things in the whole medical and health field, including the imbalance of medical resources, the precipitation and inheritance of expert knowledge, etc; From the perspective of investment, Yang Ruirong, partner of Yuanyi capital, said that as an early investor, he is also an optimist. From this perspective, any major technological breakthrough can bring innovation opportunities in various fields, especially in the medical field.

Technology has accelerated the iteration of many things, but for the medical industry with strong supervision, long return cycle and high sensitivity, “falsification” may be a little faster. However, it is too urgent to explain that a model is “true” for three years, five years, even eight years and 10 years. From the perspective of development, science and technology will inevitably give the medical industry a new look.

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