Recently, according to the relevant data survey, the mining of public bid winning projects across the network found that the number of bid winning projects involving the command center from January to May this year was 7362, an increase of 2256 from January to may last year, with a year-on-year growth rate of 44%. The number of bid winning projects in the industry increased significantly. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for the domestic command and dispatching center system has ushered in a new climax. The large screen system of the dispatching center has finally ushered in a new leader in market increment again, and the LED small spacing display has ushered in market dividends.

From January to may 2020, the number of command and dispatching increased significantly, and the LED small spacing display ushered in opportunities

01. Market dividend of command and dispatching center

The command and dispatching system is divided according to the use occasion, mainly including: power command and dispatching system, military command and dispatching system, traffic command and dispatching system, emergency command and dispatching system, production dispatching system of industrial enterprises and others. From the perspective of each industry segment, led small spacing display shows high growth potential.

Firstly, from the perspective of the power industry, as the earliest industry in command and dispatching application, the growth rate is slowing down at present. However, with the promotion of smart energy, especially the policy of the action plan for energy technology revolution and innovation (2016-2030) promotes the reform and innovation of power grid information and communication technology, and maintains stable growth for a long time; Second, the rail transit industry is in a period of rapid growth, accelerating the outbreak under the new infrastructure tuyere. The rapid growth of rail transit will also drive the application demand of LED small spacing display screen in Metro command center; Third, the railway industry has reached the key node where the stock needs to be updated and transformed and the incremental rapid development are superimposed. On the one hand, with the continuous development of high-speed railway construction, the first batch of high-speed railways will face technical updating, transformation and upgrading, and the upgrading and reconstruction projects of the original command and dispatching system will become more and more obvious; Fourth, the national defense industry. The data show that the national defense budget expenditure in 2020 will be 1268.005 billion, an increase of 6.6%. In the face of the growing demand for national defense security, the command, dispatching and communication system, as an important part of military informatization, will maintain rapid growth; Finally, from the perspective of other industries, the epidemic will accelerate the government’s emergency construction, such as the Ministry of emergency management, the Ministry of public security and the National Health Commission. It can be predicted that in the post epidemic era, the state will pay more attention to the visualization construction based on information network, the market will pursue higher and higher display effect, and the resident intelligent dispatching center of LED small spacing display screen will become the mainstream trend.

02. The advantage of small LED spacing significantly replaces DLP / LCD to show the dawn

As a high-end market at the tip of the pyramid of the large screen display market, the command and dispatching market has always been the evergreen tree of the market and a reliable display technology in terms of reliability and stability. However, the splicing gap is still an important factor affecting visual perception. Due to the physical characteristics of DLP splicing and LCD splicing, there are more or less seams. The development of technology can only reduce the seams, but can not make them disappear. Although the projection splicing is physically seamless, there is a fusion belt, which is a great test of the manufacturer’s technical strength, And it needs to be adjusted regularly to ensure the integration effect. With the characteristics of seamless splicing, led small spacing display has greater plasticity in splicing. At the same time, led small spacing display has better consistency. Mature point by point correction technology makes its adjustment process simple and maintenance convenient. From the composition of the whole industrial chain, we can also see that the advantages of LED small spacing display screen are very obvious. Because led small spacing display screen is in the semiconductor industry, affected by Moore’s law, the performance of main materials including chips, packaging devices, driving IC, control system and so on increases rapidly and the cost decreases rapidly, In addition, led small spacing display screen is the only display technology that can be localized in the whole upstream, middle and downstream industry chain, and its cost performance also makes its competitiveness more prominent.

In fact, the recognition of LED small spacing display screen in the industry is almost one-sided. It will continue to erode the DLP / LCD market now and in the future, and its share in the command and dispatching center market will continue to expand. At present, the strategic line of relevant manufacturers is also very clear, that is, they will first occupy some display product markets such as DLP, PDP and LCD, The ultimate goal is to break the dominant position of DLP, PDP and LCD and reshuffle the whole large screen market.

03. COB / mini / micro led creates unlimited possibilities for small spacing

As we all know, the command and dispatching center needs to display rich and complex signals, and the digital signals are more than video signals, which puts forward almost harsh requirements for products and technology. In response to the huge amount of data, it is required to have strong information collection, rapid response, overall coordination and comprehensive adjustment capabilities, while the stability, reliability and Durability and easy maintenance can reduce the human and financial investment in later maintenance, which has become the key to the selection of command and dispatching center. However, at the same time, the LED small spacing display is not perfect. It still has many process shortcomings to overcome. Enterprises need to continuously increase R & D efforts and investment to innovate.

Nowadays, led small spacing display screen can adapt to more and more application scenarios, and the commercialization of new technology is inseparable from the in-depth thinking and exploration of the technical route. In the application scenario of command and dispatching center, what cannot be bypassed is the heat dissipation of products. Now, the mature application of cob Technology has led to a new breakthrough in LED small spacing display screen technology, Considering the heat dissipation advantages brought by cob technology, the command and dispatching center can achieve a series of “performance effects” in addition to making full use of the stability advantages brought by cob small spacing technology in product heat dissipation. Even in the future, we can enjoy the micro LED technology applied to the LED small spacing display screen of the command and dispatching center, which can create a “perfect masterpiece” that can intelligently process huge data, display performance, contrast, color index, energy-saving level and so on, far exceeding the existing products. In a word, from direct plug-in and surface paste, To cob technology means smaller spacing and higher resolution. This evolution process is the progress process of LED small spacing display screen, and also develops an increasingly high-end application market. The development of command and dispatching center market is also one of the application scenarios developed in its development process. Of course, to realize the generation upgrading of LED small spacing display screen, manufacturers also need to constantly innovate process technology.

In short, in the generational progress of LED small spacing display screen, the trend of increasing the process difficulty step by step increases the industry threshold, prevents more meaningless price competitors, improves the industry concentration, significantly strengthens the “competitive advantage” of industrial core enterprises, and creates better products. It can be seen that the high-end indoor display field of command and dispatching center “Cake” is not for everyone to eat. With continuous technological innovation and progress, market participants must grasp the general trend and law of the progress of the industry, and have advanced strategic vision and pioneering spirit. Any “passive defender” who tries to rely on temporary technical and market advantages will only be knocked over.

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