Electronic enthusiast.com reports (Wen / huangjingjing) under the label of the most well-known “financial software”, Kingdee software has quietly changed. At a recent media exchange meeting, three senior executives of Kingdee software communicated with the media and shared Kingdee software’s forward-looking market insight into the information software industry.

Digital economy gives birth to the meta universe and explores the commercial value of software vendors

The economic value generated by the use of digital technology is digital economy, and the meta universe can undoubtedly bring new impetus to the digital economy. Zhang Liangjie, an IEEE fellow, senior vice president of Kingdee group and President of Kingdee Research Institute, mentioned in his sharing that we have experienced the time from web server to mobile Internet. Cloud computing is the current infrastructure. In the future, block chain and metauniverse will build new infrastructure. In the past, the service was centralized, but in the future, it will be decentralized or multi centralized. Yuancosmos brings us an immersive experience, and our trading mode also changes with the emergence of digital currency.

Figure: IEEE fellow, senior vice president of Kingdee group and President of Kingdee Research Institute zhangliangjie

In the meta universe, which connects the virtual space and the physical world, Kingdee is also actively exploring under the trend of digital economy. For example, in the field of digital employees, Kingdee has financial system software to help customers with robot automatic reconciliation and intelligent customer service, but has not yet brought it to the market on a large scale. Zhang Liangjie said that this is a process of re creation. In the future, the concept of digital employees in the meta universe will be more complex and intelligent.

Kingdee also pays attention to the change of the enterprise form. What kind of organizational structure is needed in the meta universe in the future should be a new form. If the sense of enterprise existence is subverted in the meta universe, how can we support the development of business through software and hardware technology.

Zhang Liangjie said that the core of the meta universe is to make resource interaction scenarios. Kingdee has a good foundation and provides a lot of scenarios, which can be laid out in advance, so as to seize the opportunity and become a service provider to enter the meta universe.

The concept of PAAS platform that can be assembled and expanded ecologically

Based on the strategy of platform based products, Kingdee has launched the sky platform, which is an enterprise level cloud service platform independently controllable in China and based on the original cloud architecture. At the end of last year, Kingdee released the latest version of Kingdee cloud sky 4.0. The enterprise PAAS platform is conducive to building an assembly enterprise with a modular architecture and building enterprise resilience.

Xuhao, general manager of Kingdee China sky platform solutions department, said in the sharing that in the past, the cloud native architecture was mainly applied at the consumer level, and the user’s application chain was not long. It usually completed a specific task like an applet. Enterprise level applications, such as tax integration, usually have a long application chain, which puts forward higher requirements for enterprise level cloud nativity. But the advantage is that it can support enterprises to complete the tasks of large orders and large amounts of data.

Figure: xuhao, general manager of Kingdee China sky platform solutions Department

For example, the sky platform uses the cloud’s native distributed capabilities to support the rapid growth of a new retail Unicorn group with 1TB of data per month and the monthly settlement of more than one billion data per month.

The firmament platform can be assembled in a modular way, and it can also allow the precipitation of enterprise IT resources. Developers can use the existing development model for low code development, and develop the system quickly with agility.

In the current situation of localization, Kingdee skydome platform is not only completely self-developed, but also well adapted to many mainstream domestic chips and domestic operating systems. With the ability of self-control, Kingdee software has also become the core software supplier of the domestic information innovation industry.

Kingdee not only wants to build a more mature sky platform, but also hopes to build a more open industrial Internet cloud ecosystem based on the new generation of enterprise PAAS platform. Xuhao said that the sky platform shares the design specifications of enterprise level products and front-end component capabilities, so that global developers can create more component models, improve their design and development efficiency, and ensure the consistency of experience. Strong ecology means strong platform. In these two aspects, Kingdee software has consolidated its foundation with the joint efforts of customers and developers to create digital value.

Growth curve of human resource HCM

According to the data, the HCM software market scale of human resources continues to grow, reaching 2.6 billion yuan in 2020, 4.4 billion yuan in 2022 and 43.9 billion yuan in 2030. At the same time, HCM SaaS products have gained high market acceptance, accounting for a high proportion of revenue, nearly 70%. This proportion will continue to increase steadily in the future and is expected to exceed 80% by 2030.

Caixue, general manager of Kingdee China HR solutions division and director of Kingdee China Huawei HR division, analyzed that the administrative HR and talent development and management track has the largest scale, and the strategic talent analysis and scale track has the fastest growth. From the perspective of scale customer base, the HCM market scale of large and medium-sized customers accounts for 85% of the total scale. Knowledge / technology intensive enterprises pay more attention to people-oriented, and the IT expenditure on HCM is the highest. Kingdee also focuses on the core human resource management and talent development management in the HCM market, focusing on the core customer base.

Figure: Caixue, general manager of Kingdee China HR solutions division and director of Kingdee China Huawei HR Division

Cai Xue said that if the human resources track manufacturers are divided into three echelons, the manufacturers of the third echelon mainly provide specific HR services in the vertical track. Kingdee and other domestic software manufacturers are in the second echelon. The first echelon is traditional foreign manufacturers such as SAP and Oracle.

At present, there is not only a huge market space for human resources, but also a good opportunity for domestic software manufacturers. For Kingdee, it has chosen the right human resources track and independently controlled technology. Kingdee is creating a second curve of rapid growth and has the opportunity to become a leading manufacturer in the HCM field.

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