From 2021, millions of Singapore residents will be able to access government agencies, banking services and other services through fast face recognition, AFP reported. The developers say the biometric application will allow people to perform many daily tasks without remembering passwords or security dogs.

This is part of the promotion and application of advanced technologies in Singapore, from increasing the use of electronic payment to the research of driverless transportation.

“We want to innovate in Applied Technology for the benefit of our citizens and businesses,” said Kwok queksin, head of digital recognition at govtech

Face recognition has been adopted in various forms around the world, and apple and Google have adopted this technology in tasks such as unlocking mobile phones and paying.

Governments have also deployed the system at airports to conduct security checks on passengers. However, Singapore is the first country to apply face recognition verification nationwide.

Lee sealin of Toppan Economia, a digital consulting firm that works with govtech to implement the technology, said security measures ensure the safety of the process.

“We want to make sure that the person behind the phone is a real person Not an image or a video. “

The technology is being integrated into Singapore’s digital identity authentication system and is being tried out by some government departments, including tax authorities and urban pension funds. Private companies can also register.

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