As we all know, with the continuous development of social economy, the public has begun to pay attention to personal health problems, and the requirements for the quality of life have also increased. Although in Japan, the public’s life pressure is great, but the requirements for life are still very high. People who have been to Japan for tourism or life all know that Japan’s air quality is very good, and its popularity rate of fresh air is very high It has also reached 100%. For the Japanese people, it seems that it is necessary to change the fresh air. However, some people have to ask, since the air is so good, why should buildings use fresh air?

Fresh air conditioning will completely subvert the air conditioning industry

In fact, as early as 2003, Japan issued the corresponding regulations, requiring all new houses to be equipped with fresh air system, because the Japanese public think that the residential closure is too high, the room is likely to lack ventilation, it is easy to produce “new house syndrome”, and outdoor fresh air can not enter, but it needs to be replaced, so “fresh air conditioning” has become the first choice of consumers Select the object.

Compared with Japan’s 100% penetration rate of fresh air, the proportion of 1% in China does not keep up with the change. Moreover, fresh air air conditioning also has the function of removing viruses and bacteria. In addition to the recent changes in the epidemic situation, the people are also beginning to realize this problem. Therefore, during this period, the air conditioning industry with fresh air function meets the cold winter again, realizing the growth against the trend, and even increasing Become a popular product, it can be said that it is very stable! In 2020, the air conditioning industry will break out big news again! It’s really time to come!

According to the data of third-party organizations, in the past March, the retail volume of fresh air conditioning increased by 237 % Among them, Hisense’s fresh air air-conditioning units account for 41 . nine % In fact, Hisense has made a major decision long ago, that is, to devote itself to the research and development of Hisense fresh air and oxygen enriched air conditioning, and now all this has begun to show results, because the market pattern of high-end air conditioning has changed. As an air conditioning giant, Hisense has risen crazily in the high-end air conditioning market with a price of 10000 yuan, Hisense air conditioning’s share rose to 17 . six % , directly into the top 3 of the high-end market, netizens have said, well done !

And now the air conditioning industry has changed from ” Song and dance duet ” It became ” Three Kingdoms kill ” The appearance of Hisense fresh air aerated air conditioning really caught other brands in the air conditioning industry off guard, because it relies on ” The room is full of fresh air after 3 minutes ” I’m good at housekeeping. Previously, Duan Zonghao, general manager of Hisense air conditioning marketing department, said that if the new air volume is not marked, it is not a qualified fresh air conditioner ! Hisense fresh air aeration air conditioning system includes long and thin fresh air inlet duct, fresh air chamber, multiple purification systems, such as HEPA purification module, debris filter, high-density filter and other components.

In a word, the emergence of Hisense fresh air aerated air conditioning is a happy thing for the air conditioning industry. After all, the fresh air aerated air conditioning has achieved the maximum air volume while maintaining the minimum noise value of 24 dB, achieving the leading position in the industry. Now it may really subvert the pattern of the industry. Of course, all this is not achieved overnight by Hisense, but the advantages brought by the technical strength accumulated over the years. Moreover, during the epidemic period, Hisense fresh air air conditioning made great contributions, such as entering the isolation ward of Shanda Qilu Hospital, realizing ventilation without windows, and effectively killing viruses while changing the air. After all, immunity is the primary productivity. The sales data of Hisense fresh air aerated air conditioning has already explained everything. Now fresh air conditioning is really hot.

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