There are four stages in the development of global EDA industry.

In the 1970s, EDA technology ushered in the first stage of development wave – computer-aided design stage. From the traditional circuit wiring to the use of computer-aided IC layout editing, PCB layout and wiring, instead of manual operation, many 2D CAD and 3D sad software have appeared successively.

In the next ten years, EDA technology entered the second stage, computer aided engineering (CAED). With the rapid development of CAD software industry, EDA software came into being, which further made up for the needs of chip design. Closely around the automatic layout and routing, timing analysis, logic simulation, simulation fault and so on, the function detection of the design circuit is mainly dealt with.

Four stages of global EDA industry development

In the 1990s, EDA technology has entered the stage of electronic system design automation (EDA). EDA technology is characterized by high-level language description, system simulation and comprehensive optimization.

Today, with the continuous development of LSI, computer and electronic system design technology, EDA technology has been in the fourth stage, and its role is increasing at an alarming speed. According to the data of electronic system design alliance, the global EDA software market size in 2018 is about $9.7 billion, and the global EDA revenue in 2019 has exceeded $10 billion. It can be seen that the growth in 2020 will still be in the unit of $1 billion.

Behind the broad market is the lack of competition between domestic enterprises and world giants, mainly due to the lack of relevant EDA tools, especially in the field of digital design. Synopsys and cadence dominate most of the digital design processes. Secondly, in terms of personnel training, most engineers in China are still working for the three giants, and only about one fifth of them work in domestic companies.

After foreseeing the weak development of domestic hardware talents and industry, eda365 electronic forum came into being in 2006. Faced with the two major problems of small number of talents and difficulty in growth, eda365 electronic forum launched online live system course, which was jointly taught by dozens of experts from world top hardware companies. On average, 20 + Courses in various fields of hardware were broadcast every month, and there were more than 100000 live broadcasting in March alone Mr. Cheng benefited from it.

In addition, it is not easy to become a master in the electronic hardware industry. “Having a good master” is the wish of most new people. In addition to being led by others, communicating with industry experts is also an important way to maintain their competitiveness.

Eda365 electronic forum has gathered more than 400000 electronic engineers and accumulated millions of the most dry posts in the industry. It has 15 hardware technology forums, including “electronic hardware research and Development Forum”, “RF | microwave forum”, “SIP | packaging design simulation”, “PCB design outsourcing” and “EMC & Safety Forum”. There are also 12 EDA tool forums including “cadence Allegro forum” and “allegroskill development” and professional manufacturability & process forum, which can exchange experts and consult experts in real time. After more than ten years of precipitation, it has become the largest and most professional gathering place of engineers in China.

To sum up, the role of eda365 electronic forum at present is to help the rapid growth of domestic hardware talents and the improvement of innovation and creativity, which requires a strong expert team and accumulation of technical knowledge. At the same time, it solves two problems.

First, in the environment of external blockade and internal economic downturn, it provides engineers with solutions to quickly improve their core competitiveness and the problem of not knowing how to learn and how to start learning.

The second is to solve the problem of difficult employment and recruitment for domestic hardware enterprises, and provide a talent training base for the sustainable development of domestic enterprises with independent R & D capability.

In the foreseeable future, with the continuous emergence of domestic EDA talents, China will occupy more and more shares in the global EDA market, which is also of great significance to the development of domestic hardware enterprises and independent controllable enterprises.

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