ITech ADEX officially launched it-m3900 series products on December 10, integrating four series products: it-m3900d high-power programmable DC power supply, it-m3900c bidirectional programmable power supply, it-m3900b feedback source load system and it-m3800 feedback DC electronic load, which are suitable for 5g communication, photovoltaic energy storage, automotive electronics and new energy industry, semiconductor Battery field and other test fields.

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The new product released this time continues the compact structure design of M series, redefines the “high power density”, and the power can reach 6kW in 1U frame and 12KW in 2U frame, further reducing the occupied space and cabinet time of test equipment, making the whole high power density product line of iTech more complete and comprehensive. In such a limited rack, the voltage of it-m3900 covers from 10V to 1500V, and the output current of a single machine can reach 1020A. With the design of auto range, it provides users with more voltage and current combinations. One test equipment can be used more flexibly, covering a wide range of application needs of users, and greatly reducing the complexity and space occupied by the system.

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In the current international situation, “energy conservation and consumption reduction” is an issue that every company with global strategic vision must consider. Three series of it-m3900 launched by iTech this time have energy recovery functions of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which can feed back electric energy to the power grid without pollution. All feedback processes are automatic and safe. Automatic power grid detection system is equipped to detect phase voltage and frequency in real time for power grid synchronization. The feedback efficiency of it-m3900 is nearly 95%. A 6kW equipment can save nearly 50000 yuan of electricity in one year. In addition, it can save the cost of HVAC and refrigeration facilities, reduce noise, and help reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.

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It-m3900 has built-in several standard vehicle test waveforms, especially lv123, lv148 and other standards for the test of new energy vehicles. The built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) mechanism provides solar photovoltaic curve simulation function for maximum power point tracking test of photovoltaic array / module / battery. At the same time, due to its bidirectional design and variable output impedance, it-m3900 series products also support users to set various parameters of the battery through the panel and quickly define the battery model to simulate the charging and discharging characteristics of the battery. In addition, it-m3900 also provides four professional testing software to comprehensively solve various problems encountered by customers in green energy testing and improve the competitiveness of products.

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It-m3900 family products cover 1.2kW ~ 12KW bidirectional power supply, feedback load, DC power supply and source load system, which fills the test gap within this power range and makes enterprises more confident to realize the test scheme of high current, high energy saving and high efficiency.

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