Recently, the joint statement of the 21st China EU summit mentioned that 5g will provide basic support for future economic and social development. The two sides welcome the progress and further exchanges of the dialogue and cooperation mechanism based on the 2015 China EU 5g joint statement, including deepening intergovernmental communication, regularly exchanging 5g development based on the China EU dialogue mechanism on information technology, telecommunications and informatization, and strengthening technical cooperation among industries.

As the main direction of the new generation of mobile communication technology, 5g will provide basic support for future economic and social development. In the future, 5g network will cover mobile phones, smart homes, automatic driving, telemedicine services, smart city service system and other fields. However, in the process of 5g application, there are still many security problems in terminal access identity authentication, 5g terminal security, network slicing, Internet of things and Internet of vehicles. Therefore, the following suggestions are put forward.

Pay attention to the safety and accumulation of core basic technologies

5g technology is a commercial collection of many communication technologies and standards. No matter what type of application scenario, the final implementation depends on the base station, terminal, bearer network and other equipment after landing. At present, Chinese enterprises represented by Huawei and China Mobile have actively participated in the formulation of 5g standards and specifications and basic product R & D since 2012. Accumulated a certain number of core technologies and mastered some standard voice. We should continue to pay attention to the situation of these enterprises mastering core technology in the future to ensure the safety and controllability of 5g infrastructure and technology in China.

Study and formulate 5g related regulations, supervision and other measures

Four measures to deal with 5g network security

For new application scenarios, such as VR, intelligent networked vehicles, large-scale industrial sensors, there are no formed laws, regulations and regulatory measures. In the face of new business forms, new fields will appear, and relevant laws and regulations need to be issued to standardize the use. Only in this way can 5g, a new technology, better serve the daily life of the people.

Further strengthen the protection of key information infrastructure

With the advent of the 5g era, various types of massive data, such as intelligent networked vehicles, VR assisted medicine and large-scale sensor networks, will be imported into the 5g bearer networks of major operators. 5g bearing network will certainly become a key information infrastructure that has a significant impact on the people and even national security. This puts forward higher requirements for the security protection of 5g bearer network.

Focus on data and network security of new business formats

In the 5g era, due to the diversity of scenarios, the management perspective needs to change from network centric to data centric. First, classify and classify the data, and realize differentiated management measures for different levels of data. Second, we need to pay attention to the enterprises handling a large amount of data and review their compliance. Third, pay close attention to data leakage events and respond quickly.

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