According to foreign media reports, Deutsche Telekom, orange, Telefonica and Vodafone group announced the establishment of a cooperative relationship in openran technology, covering the launch and deployment of openran technology, so as to ensure that the European continent can catch up with the pioneers of openran technology development – the United States and Japan.

In a joint statement, several operators described in detail the contents of the memorandum of understanding signed by them, including their “respective commitments” to deploy openran technology throughout Europe, with the aim of creating an interoperable market and ensuring the deployment of openran technology in the European continent as soon as possible.

They plan to work with existing and new ecological partners, industry institutions including o-ran alliance and tip, and European authorities “to ensure that openran is as competitive as traditional ran solutions.”.

The four companies have strengthened their respective openran technology development commitments in 2020.

Four major operators in Germany jointly build traditional ran solutions

The main commitments in the MOU signed by several companies are as follows:

·The signers promise that openran will be the technology choice of ran.

·The signers promise to launch their respective number of openran technologies (sites) as soon as possible to support the development of healthy ecosystems.

·The signers will work together to support openran to reach the same level as traditional ran solutions as soon as possible.

Vodafone is one of the main supporters of openran technology in recent years. In November 2020, Vodafone announced its detailed plan to deploy openran devices on 2600 network sites in the UK by 2027. Orange plans to open a tip community lab in Paris, focusing on testing openran technology.

Spain Telecom and Rakuten mobile have established a partnership covering ecosystem development, while Deutsche Telekom continues to call for the inclusion of openran related laws and claims that operators are becoming increasingly independent of hardware manufacturers.

“Openran can stimulate technological innovation in Europe through the expertise of the companies that develop the technology and the governments that support it,” said Jonathan wibergh, CTO of Vodafone group. With our ambition and the government’s initiative, opening up the market to new suppliers will mean faster 5g deployment, cost-effective network efficiency and world-class services. We are still committed to launching our openran project across Europe, and we are moving forward. Our goal is to open R & D labs to new, smaller suppliers to develop their products. But to do that, we need a supportive investment environment and policy support, and we urge European governments to work with us to build the openran ecosystem. “

“Openran is a natural evolution of wireless access technology, and it will become the key to 5g network,” said ctoenrique Blanco of Spain Telecom. Spain Telecom believes that the whole industry must work together to make the technology landing. I am very happy to work with major European operators to promote the development of openran technology, which will help improve the flexibility, efficiency and security of our network. For the European industry, this is not only a rare opportunity to promote the development of 5g, but also an excellent opportunity to participate in the development of 5g sustainable technology. “

“Openran is the next major development for 5gran,” says orange timichael trabbia. Orange believes that this is a powerful opportunity for existing and emerging European players to develop products and services based on o-ran technology, starting in indoor and rural areas. This development needs to be supported by large European ecosystems (academic and research, software and hardware developers, integrators, R & D public funds) as it is a unique opportunity to enhance Europe’s competitiveness and leadership in the global market. “

“Openran is about network innovation, flexibility and faster deployment,” said ctoclaudia nemat of Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom is committed to the promotion, deployment and adoption of openran to ensure the best network experience for our customers. In order to seize this opportunity, it is essential that we work hand in hand with leading European partners to cultivate a diversified, competitive and secure 4G / 5G ecosystem based on openran solutions. Through our open labs and community activities, we have helped smaller players enter the market through their solutions. On the basis of this basic work, we urge the government to support and fund further community activities to strengthen the leadership of the European ecosystem and 5g areas. “

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