Music, has become an essential part of high-quality life, and a good audio device can make you better enjoy music, enjoy life. It’s the annual 618 shopping carnival. I believe many young friends want to take advantage of it to start some favorite audio products. But in the face of the dazzling variety of headphones, there is no choice.

IE60: direct push of mobile phone, enjoy pure music fun

If you trust the stability and reliability of the cable connection, and pay more attention to the contribution of the headphone unit to the sound quality, it can be said that it is a very cost-effective headphone. With the moving coil drive unit and powerful neodymium magnet, IE60 earphone cable transmission can bring higher sound resolution, as well as better bass effect, and 10-18000hz response, with up to 20dB of ambient noise suppression effect, can create a music space for you to isolate the outside world, pure enjoyment of music brings you fun.

Nowadays, the popularity of music streaming media platform makes every mobile phone become an endless music library, so that people can enjoy the happiness brought by music anytime and anywhere. The IE60’s compact body just meets the convenience of matching with mobile phones and carrying with you. The durable shell and headphone cable also ensure the high-intensity use when going out. In addition, the black matte appearance with octagonal bronze decoration shows the noble temperament. At the same time, it also shows the fashion personality in this summer.

Ie80sbt: the first Bluetooth headset for enthusiasts

In terms of appearance, its Bluetooth neck band adopts the classic U-shaped design, which is firm, reliable and resilient. In addition, the weight of the headset unit is about 30g, which makes it light. For people who are used to not taking off the headset, they will not be tired even if they wear it for a long time.

It is worth mentioning that ie80sbt’s headset unit and Bluetooth neck band adopt a detachable design, which can be connected with optional cable accessories to convert wireless headphones into wired headphones to meet the personalized needs of different occasions.

In terms of sound quality, ie80sbt ensures high-performance Bluetooth transmission function and high-definition sound quality. In addition to supporting conventional SBC, AAC and aptx decoding, ie80sbt also includes the latest lhdc and aptxhd high-resolution encoding and decoding technology, which enables ie80sbt to achieve high bit rate signal processing, so as to provide almost uncompressed audio format for the audience and realize high-resolution decoding equivalent to wired connection Sound quality at the end.

In addition, ie80sbt is also very perfect in terms of details, which can always make you feel the surprise it brings you in the process of using. For example, headphones with low-frequency adjustment knob can enhance the sense of low-frequency. At the same time, the 5-segment equalizer in Sennheiser smartcontrol app can be used to adjust the sound performance more intuitively. It also provides a dedicated voice assistant button, which can wake up Siri or Google assistant with one click. In addition, it must be praised that it also uses the increasingly popular type-C charging interface, which undoubtedly provides a lot of convenience for daily life charging.

Hd660s: using the most advanced Sennheiser technology, for fever

Sennheiser hd660s is a product designed to meet the needs of audio enthusiasts. It inherits all the characteristics of the classic hd650 headset, and adopts the most advanced Sennheiser technology, ultra-high quality connection characteristics and ergonomic appearance design to provide users with the best sound quality and the most comfortable wearing experience.

This time, hd660s adopts a newly developed transducer driver. The driver uses a special precision stainless steel woven mesh, which can better fit the appearance of the diaphragm, so as to better control the stroke movement of the diaphragm. The extremely light aluminum voice coil ensures high pulse response fidelity. At the same time, thanks to the low impedance design of the headset, it is easy to connect different sound source devices. Even when it is used with a high-resolution portable player, it can also achieve a monitor level high fidelity sound experience.

With such a strong hardware configuration, hd660s is naturally in the flagship position in sound performance. Hd660s’s sound is balanced and stretched, in which the bass is fast and fast, with good explosiveness and sense of hierarchy. The medium frequency response is accurate and sweet, making the sound more energetic and tension. The pleasant and natural treble provides users with incredible sound expression, which is full of tension and abnormal balance.

In terms of appearance, hd660s adopts black matte design, showing maturity and confidence. The thickened pad on the headband and the replaceable ear pad ensure that it will be comfortable and natural even if it is worn for a long time. Overall, hd660s is definitely the first choice for audio enthusiasts.

Hd800s: the top flagship, the benchmark of headphones for enthusiasts

Hd800s is the top flagship headphone of Sennheiser family. Its appearance is fashionable and classic, and its sound quality is perfect to impeccable. It has an extremely accurate grasp of every musical detail, making it the most affordable headphone for enthusiasts.

In terms of appearance, hd800s constantly pursues perfection, and only uses superior materials and components to make precision manufacturing in Germany. The transducer adopts stainless steel protective case, and the headband and earphone device are made of advanced materials developed by aerospace industry, which are not only high strength but also light. In addition, the main color of hd800s is black, supplemented by silver white design, which shows the domineering power of the king and adds a bit of delicacy at the same time.

In terms of sound, hd800s has a huge sound field, pushing the purity and accuracy of sound to a new level, restoring the original appearance of sound. The high frequency is clear and thorough, the intermediate frequency is flexible, and the low frequency is powerful. Every detail makes you feel that this headset is the supreme existence.

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