Development stage of embedded microprocessor

1. SCM phase

That is, the single chip microcomputer stage, which is mainly the architecture exploration stage of single chip microcomputer. The “single chip mode” of series single chip microcomputer such as Z80 of ZILOG company has been successful, and has walked out of a completely different development path between SCM and general-purpose computer.

2. MCU stage

That is, in the great development stage of embedded microcontroller (MCU), the main technical direction is to integrate more kinds of peripheral circuits and interface circuits on the chip to meet the needs of the continuous expansion of embedded system applications, highlighting its miniaturized and intelligent real-time control function. 80C51 microcontroller is a typical model of this kind of products.

3. Networking stage

With the rapid development of the Internet, all systems, whether handheld or fixed embedded electronic products, hope to connect to the Internet. Therefore, the integration of network module on chip has become an important module.

4. Software hardening stage

As the market uses CPU chip products more and more widely, the requirements for speed and performance are higher and higher. At the same time, the required product development time is shorter and shorter, while the software functions and systems are more and more complex. There are more and more requirements for the processing of multimedia and other large files requiring real-time processing (such as MP3, MP4 player, GPS navigator, etc.), As well as the needs of the rapid development of handheld digital TV, some also need to quickly change the logic function online in real time, especially the demand for low power consumption is becoming more and more strict. The way of using software alone is far from meeting the actual needs of the development of these markets. At the same time, with the rapid development of semiconductor design and processing technology and the improvement of automation of design level, the design difficulty of embedded microprocessor chip is greatly reduced. It has greatly promoted the popularization and development of software hardening.


Development trend of embedded microprocessor

Embedded processor is widely used in PC. Embedded microcontroller is the mainstream product of embedded system chip, which has many varieties and large quantity. Embedded microprocessor is developing rapidly. Embedded system has been widely used in various fields of our life, such as computer, automobile, space shuttle and so on. For the next generation of microprocessors, anyone can predict that the integration is higher and higher, the dominant frequency is higher and higher, the machine word length is larger and larger, the bus is wider and wider, and the number of instructions processed at the same time is more and more. Facts have proved that embedded microprocessors have developed according to this Law for more than 20 years.

Embedded processor is subordinate to the chip industry. After years of development, the chip industry chain has been very mature, which is divided into four links: fables, wafer foundry, packaging & testing. Among them, the design link is similar to software and belongs to pure knowledge labor. It has developed most successfully in China and produced a number of competitive companies; Wafer manufacturing is a super technology intensive and capital intensive industry. It is a global oligopoly. TSMC monopolizes half of the global market, and SMIC ranks fifth in the world; Packaging and testing also emphasizes technology and capital. The most powerful enterprise in China is Changdian technology, ranking seventh in the world.

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