A small USB network card, can also play a variety of patterns. No! In the market, USB wireless network card styles emerge in endlessly, and the price varies from dozens to hundreds.

But it is not difficult to find that the more conventional style is generally USB plug-in, and the USB wireless network card with beautiful appearance and design sense is generally equipped with USB extension base or cable.

Four advantages of USB network card with extension cable

Of course, equipped with USB cable is not only for the sake of beauty, but also for a deeper purpose.

Today, let’s count the four advantages of network card with USB extension cable together with comfast.

1. Say goodbye to signal occlusion.

Many friends who use desktop computers will find that the network card is inserted in front of the chassis when they use the wireless network card. They will often be kicked and bumped by their feet. If they are not lucky, they will be directly kicked and broken. Moreover, the power supply of USB interface in front of some desktop computers is insufficient, which will lead to the instability of the device.

In this way, if the USB network card is inserted behind the desktop computer chassis, the stability and security will certainly be better, but at the same time, it may bring new problems: the chassis, desk, partition wall and other environment will surround the USB network card, and the signal shielding is serious, which leads to poor signal reception and reception of the wireless network card.

Therefore, in this case, the USB wireless network card with extension line can connect the USB interface to the computer case, and the network card body extends to the desktop, and the signal is blocked, and the speed is awesome.

2. More flexible placement.

This is very easy to understand. With the USB extension cable, the network card can be placed flexibly. For example, notebooks no longer need to be placed because the tabletop space is too small and the network card needs to be inserted.

3. Pave the way for high configuration of network card.

The internal space structure of the USB network card with the size of ordinary U disk is relatively narrow. If you want to increase the hardware configuration, you will be constrained by the space limitation and can not play. So many high configuration USB wireless network cards adopt the setting of network card body + USB extension cable, which has more room to play.

4. The USB interface is broken and easy to replace.

The wireless network card integrated with USB interface, some users use improperly, plug too violent or careless, will damage the USB interface, directly lead to the network card can not be used. If the USB network card with extension cable is damaged, it can still be used with a new one. It seems that it costs a little more when buying, but in fact, it can save money for users in the process of using.


The wireless network card with USB extension cable has many advantages, which is suitable for users who have requirements on the functionality of the wireless network card. If you don’t use it frequently, and you don’t have a high pursuit of network stability and speed, the ordinary USB plug-in wireless network card can also meet your needs. In a word, what suits you is the best.

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