If there is a lack of uniform standards for LED products in Chinese mainland, it will hamper development. Therefore, a number of LED national standards and industry standards have been promulgated in 2009~2010, covering the entire LED industry chain, fluorescent powder, chips, components, module applications, etc.

Although Chinese mainland has formulated many LED related standards, LED technology is in its infancy, and its content is not perfect enough, resulting in ineffective results. Compared with the mainland, Taiwan’s LED market is small, but its technology is much more mature. Therefore, cross-strait cooperation can achieve a win-win situation, and the formulation of common standards is a necessary trend of cross-strait cooperation.

Formulating common standards for LED is a necessary trend of cross-strait cooperation

Generally speaking, the formulation of cross-strait common standards can be divided into four stages: compiling cross-strait LED lighting terminology comparison manual, testing and comparison for cross-strait LED components and lamps, and coordination between relevant units of cross-strait led standards for standard formulation. Finally, common standards can be formulated.

At present, the two sides of the Strait have preliminarily completed the comparison Manual of LED lighting terms and the test comparison of some LED components and lamps, and there are many repeated or similar projects in the LED application and components standards formulated by the two sides, which is conducive to the formulation of common LED standards by the two sides.

In 2011, a consensus was reached at the cross-strait Semiconductor Lighting Forum. In the initial stage, 2-3 common standards will be formulated first, and will gradually increase in the future. The initial formulation projects under consideration include LED component test methods, life test methods, performance standards and test methods of spherical LED lamps, straight tube LED lamps and flat lamps.

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