When cycling, we also occasionally forget to lock the car. If you go back to lock it, in addition to wasting time, you may also bear certain billing losses and bring trouble to yourself because the vehicle has been ridden away by others.

Therefore, the latest patented technology is applied to Qingju bicycle. Under the application of Beidou high-precision positioning and intelligent central control split lock, the vehicle can realize the automatic locking function and avoid the worries of cycling users who forget to lock.

On August 13, Qingju bicycle appeared with three new cars. Qingju said that the new car launched this time applies the latest patented technology, and the platform can effectively intervene in the parking order of vehicles through the operation management system.

According to Zhang Zhidong, CEO of Qingju, “Qingju is the first shared bicycle brand equipped with Beidou high-precision positioning technology. It adopts the technical scheme of ‘intelligent central control + Split lock’. After riding, it does not need to close the lock manually, and the lock can be completed by operating on the mobile phone.”

In addition, the intelligent central control of the vehicle is equipped with Beidou high-precision navigation and positioning chip to realize no post entry settlement.

At the same time, among the new cars unveiled this time, the transmission ratio adjustment range of Qingling variable speed vehicle is 177%, with low noise, fast response and lighter riding. Qingfan electric scooter is more comfortable to ride, and its range has been upgraded to 85km, covering a wider range of riding. The Qingxiao motorcycle adopts the oblique axis replacement method, which has higher replacement efficiency.

In addition, Qingju also showed its “Qingju intelligent control center” for urban vehicle management. Relying on Didi’s massive travel data and AI computing platform, the system constructs the prediction ability of green orange’s short-distance travel demand in the city.

Through Beidou + GPS dual-mode navigation and positioning, realize “fixed-point vehicle return and column settlement”, combined with Qingju’s big data management platform, realize intelligent dispatching operation and optimize vehicle dispatching.

At present, the bicycle sharing industry has obviously entered the second half of the market competition. In terms of scale effect and user group, each company has made good achievements. Next, how to better refine the operation, improve the user experience and cover more travel scenes has also become the top priority of enterprises.

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