According to foreign media reports, data from research institutions show that Intel’s chip sales exceeded Samsung’s last year, and took back the throne of chip king from Samsung. However, behind the return of sales to the top of the list, Intel’s situation is still not very optimistic. In addition to lagging behind its competitors in terms of technology, it is also facing a shortage of CPU supply.

The shortage of Intel’s CPU supply began last year with Michelle Johnston, executive vice president and head of sales, marketing and communications Holthaus) acknowledged in his letter to customers in November that the CPU supply was tight and the chip supply delay had affected the customer’s business, and he sincerely apologized to the affected customers.

Although holsox said in the letter at that time that they would continue to make efforts to provide Intel products to customers and support their innovation and growth, according to the latest reports from foreign media, Intel’s problems in CPU supply may not be solved this year.

Foreign media said in the report that Intel’s CPU supply shortage will run through 2020 and last until the end of this year.

The foreign media quoted Intel insiders and manufacturers of related products using Intel chips to report that Intel’s CPU supply shortage may last until the end of this year. Therefore, the foreign media’s prediction is likely to happen.

In a letter of apology to customers in November last year, Mr. holzoss mentioned that the shortage of CPU was mainly due to the market demand exceeding expectations, and CPU was a product with limited buffer stock of Intel.

In recent reports, foreign media also mentioned that Intel CEO Robert Swan gave a more detailed explanation. He mentioned that in 2018, they expected the market demand of CPU and server to increase by 10%, but eventually increased by 21%.


Source: techweb

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