“The only purpose of science is to alleviate the suffering of human survival.”. But if we want to really solve the suffering of human survival, we need to go into endless innovation. For many years, Ford China adheres to the spirit of integrating innovation into all aspects of its business, and has been committed to bringing more excellent products to consumers through continuous innovation.

“The essence of smart car is to serve the driver himself”. In the wave of transformation at the crossroads of the new four modernizations, due to the huge cost and easy to fall into the sunk cost effect, only a few powerful enterprises are still promoting the development of automobile intelligence, and Ford is one of them. “The most formidable opponent: never pay attention to you, only focus on every detail of his business”. Henry Ford’s expectation of this century old enterprise still guided Ford’s business logic.

After the automobile intellectualization increasingly falls into the strange circle of “grade test” of automatic driving, it gradually deviates from the original intention of the research and development of intelligent driving technology. “Serving people and reducing the risk of drivers being infringed” is the development base of all intelligent driving technologies. With the research and development of Ford’s intelligent early warning function, automobile intelligence will return to the essence of development. Public information shows that in the UK, there are no less than 60 accidents caused by the opening and closing of cars every year, and even serious traffic accidents resulting in serious injuries and deaths of cyclists.

Ford is making every effort to promote the development of automatic driving technology

In order to reduce the frequency of accidents caused by opening and closing the door at will, Ford is making full efforts to develop the intelligent warning function of leaving the car. The system can detect that when the driver or passenger is ready to open the door, the system will automatically monitor the potential collision risk, issue a warning through sound, and remind the rider with LED warning light, so as to reduce the occurrence of such accidents and better ensure road safety. This system will be fully introduced into Ford co-pilot 360 in the future ™ At the same time, the intelligent early warning function of departure will also be introduced into the Chinese market, and the localization adjustment will be made according to the actual road conditions and traffic regulations in China, and finally applied to domestic models.

With Ford co-pilot 360 ™ With the gradual improvement of the functions of intelligent driving assistance system, the “intelligent technology plan” of Ford China 2.0 strategy proposed by Ford China in 2019 will go further. The plan will take the lead in carrying out the full vehicle series of sync + smart travel infotainment system, and will mass produce the first model with c-v2x technology in China in 2021, in addition to co-pilot360 ™ Intelligent driving assistant system will be used in more vehicles in the future. It is reported that Ford co-pilot 360 ™ The intelligent driving assistant system is independently developed by Ford. After more than ten years of technology accumulation and global market verification, it has also been localized and trained by Ford in China to ensure that it can better adapt to the driving habits of consumers. At present, Ford co-pilot 360 ™ The functions of intelligent driving assistance system, such as ACC full speed adaptive cruise + LC intelligent navigation assistance system, apa2 one key parking assistance, have reached the L2 level automatic driving standard. At the same time, it includes AEB intelligent induction braking protection system, ESA emergency steering assistance system, TSR intelligent traffic sign recognition system and many other intelligent technologies.

Since the launch of Ford China 2.0 strategy, Ford co-pilot360 has been carried in new models of Ford brands represented by Fox, Taurus and Ruijie ™ Intelligent driving assistant system. In the past year, Ford China has achieved 100% vehicle networking for all new models sold in China. In addition, in order to realize the implementation of “intelligent technology plan”, Ford will start mass production of the first model equipped with cellular Internet of vehicles technology (c-v2x) in 2021, which will enhance the vehicle’s ability to perceive the surrounding environment, so as to help improve vehicle safety performance and road traffic efficiency, and promote the development of automatic driving technology.

As a century old auto company, Ford has always put the life safety of consumers first. From the development and application of intelligent driving technology, people-oriented concept remains unchanged. In the future, Ford will continue to be close to consumers, become a global brand that knows more about consumers and is most trustworthy to consumers, and continue to realize the vision of “smart car serving the smart world”.

Ford adheres to the original intention of “people-oriented, pioneer innovation”. For 117 years, Ford has made endless progress. It insists on working hard in places that are not easy for consumers to notice, and solves the use pain points of consumers, so that consumers can fully enjoy the pioneer lifestyle and comfortable car experience brought by Ford. Ford believes that Chinese consumers can deeply understand that Ford always puts the safety of car owners in the first place, and continues to build products and services to meet the demands of consumers with leading technology.

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