Security 4K / 8K CIS chip, car regulation level two in one CIS + ISP chip, industrial application CIS and mobile phone series CIS chip with 1600 million pixels, and several new CIS products of sitway have been released.

On December 27, sitway (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “sitway”) held the 2021 CIS new product launch in Shenzhen. According to Ma Weijian, chief operating officer, sitway has released a number of new CMOS image sensor (CIS) chips, involving security, vehicle electronics, mobile phones, machine vision and other fields.

Ma Weijian said that up to now, sitway has released and mass produced 36 CIS new products in 2021. Among them, there are 31 CIS streamers, 12 in the field of security, 6 in the field of vehicle electronics, 3 in machine vision, 7 and 3 in mobile phone products and consumer products respectively. The growth momentum of security and machine vision CIS is remarkable, and major breakthroughs have been made in vehicle, mobile phone and consumer.


Figure 1: Stevie CMOS image sensor product line and areas of concern

Focus on the four sectors of the industry and continue to innovate CIS technology

In recent years, CIS has benefited from the rapid development driven by policy dividends, and is growing in the security monitoring, intelligent automobile, consumer electronics and industrial application markets. The increasing popularity of smartphone multi camera, the progress of ADAS assisted security and the performance ability of CIS in low light and other lighting environments are promoting the realization of CIS for security purposes.

According to yole data, 98% of the market revenue of global CIS products comes from six markets: smart phone, security monitoring, automatic driving, computer, industry and consumer electronics. Smart phones (accounting for 68%) ranked first; Security monitoring, computer and automatic driving followed by 8%, 8% and 7% respectively; Consumer electronics and industry accounted for 4% and 3% respectively.

According to Stevie data, the company’s CMOS image sensor business mainly includes four sections: security, vehicle electronics, machine vision, mobile phone and consumer. Among them, security and machine vision account for more than 90% of its total revenue, and vehicle electronics, mobile phones and consumer products are also taking advantage of the wind.

In the field of security, the trend of high-definition image sensor is becoming more and more obvious. Tan Yang, vice president of security chip department, pointed out that the demand for 2k and above increased significantly, the demand for 4K increased significantly, and the demand for ultra-high resolution expanded to 8K. More market applications require cis to have higher frame rate, 4K / 8K clear imaging, rich HDR combination, excellent noise control and excellent night vision imaging.


Figure 2: 16 new security products of sitway in 2021, with pixel coverage of 1m-8m

In view of this, new products of Starway 4K Pro HD “sc850sl” and “sc830ai” and 8K Pro HD CIS appeared at this press conference. According to his introduction, steway has launched 16 new security products in 2021. From 100 million pixels to 800 million pixels, the full coverage of high, middle and low is realized.


Figure 3: for security scenario applications, stevio released 4K / 8K Pro HD CMOS image sensor chip

Ma Weijian pointed out that in 2021, sitway security and IOT applications were comprehensively upgraded, and CIS products were innovated based on smartclarity-2, dsi-2 and the new star light technology, so that CMOS image sensors have more advantages in frame rate, resolution, dynamic performance, power consumption and noise performance.


Figure 4: core technology of CMOS image sensor in stevio security / aiot application

In the field of machine vision, new industrial and emerging sensor departments of Stevie were established to focus on machine vision and high-end large target image sensors. Launch new smartgs ®- 2 series of “sc410gs” and “sc910gs” for intelligent transportation applications and “sc350hgs”, “sc650hgs” and “sc950hgs” for industrial machine vision applications.


Figure 5: for the field of machine vision, sitway released five new smartgs ®- 2 series image sensor

With the development of automobile, it tends to the direction of intelligence, automation and electrification. Shao Ke, vice president of Stevie automotive chip department, said that at present, the carrying capacity of single camera of smart car can be as high as 15, including 1 rear view camera, 4 360 ° look around cameras and 1 ~ 3 streaming media applications in the vehicle image category; In the on-board perception ADAS, there are 1 ~ 3 in front view and 4 in side view.

In response to the huge market demand. In the field of vehicle electronics, Stevie’s new vehicle chip department was established, which enables three vehicle intelligent vision application directions by virtue of domestic self-developed vehicle image sensor technology: vehicle image application, vehicle perception ADAS application and in cabin application. It also innovatively launched the new “sc120at” of car regulation level two in one CIS + ISP. In addition, a number of on-board CIS products are also about to be mass produced.


Figure 6: sc120at of STW releasing full new car specification level two in one CIS + ISP

In the field of consumer electronics, sitway launched new CS Series image sensors for mobile applications, including “sc1600cs” with 16 million pixels and “sc1300cs” / “sc1301cs” with 13 million pixels. 1.0um pixel size, high-definition pixels and qcell technology make it have high-quality imaging performance.


Figure 7: new products of image sensor for mobile phone application series released by sitway

IPO launch meeting, plus CMOS image sensor

Ma Weijian, chief operating officer, said that Stevie will continue to cultivate the field of CMOS image sensors and provide better services for customers by adhering to the product value of “based on the market and excellent quality” and the service concept of “thinking what customers think and giving customers what they can”.

In October this year, steway’s IPO was held and its listing is imminent. The company plans to raise more funds to continuously cultivate CMOS image sensors in security, machine vision, vehicle electronics, mobile phones and other fields.

Specifically, in terms of CIS investment, sitway independently developed and systematically upgraded the image sensor test platform, upgraded equipment and CMOS image sensor technology.


Figure 8: test platform for systemized upgraded image sensor developed by sitway

At the supply chain end, the company has established stable cooperative relations with wafer factories such as TSMC, Samsung Electronics, Hefei Jinghe, Eastern high tech and packaging factories such as Jingfang technology and Huatian technology, ensuring the demand for continuous growth of production capacity for the company’s rapid development.

In terms of customer channels, according to the author, sitway CIS products have been applied to terminal products of Dahua Co., Ltd., Dajiang innovation, Yushi technology, Pulian technology, Tiandi Weiye, Netease Youdao, kevos and other brands.

In terms of product innovation ability, sitway has developed image sensors with the characteristics of high signal-to-noise ratio, high sensitivity, high-speed global shutter capture, ultra-wide dynamic range, ultra-high near-infrared sensitivity and low power consumption. In the future, it will maintain high-speed technical iteration and continue to innovate and develop new CIS products.

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