Product introduction

The IGBT high-frequency series products mainly have two package shapes, including C1 (34mm) and C2 (62mm);

The voltage level is 1200V and the current covers 40A ~ 300A;

The products are mainly used in industrial welding machine, induction heating, induction cooker and other high-frequency applications;

Relevant series of products and mainstream products in the market are completely replaced by pintopin;

The IGBT products are made of environmental protection materials and meet the ROHS standard.

Product features

Maximum junction temperature Tjmax = 150 ℃;

Low turn off loss, suitable for high frequency applications;

Free wheeling diode with ultra fast and soft recovery characteristics;

High short circuit support current capacity (above 10us);

Use insulating heat dissipation base plate with DBC structure.

Electrical parameters

C1 package

C2 package

application area

Induction cooker

Commercial induction cooker

Induction heating

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