In life, friends who use Android often ask you if there is a data cable with type-C interface. We find that most Android computers on the market now have type-C interface and no longer use micro USB interface. The most typical one is Huawei, and even notebook books including apple MacBook also use this port. Why change to type-C interface? Is it because it charges fast?

In addition to the humanized design of type-C interface, with the support of type-C interface and USB PD power transmission protocol, the output current is 5A and the output voltage can be extended to 20V! Support the maximum output power of 100W, which means fast charging is supported. According to the official data, 50% of the battery can be fully charged in 30 minutes, and the advertising line “charge for five minutes, call for one hour” is no exception. You think it’s gone? In fact, its type-C interface has other magical functions.

Want to watch photos and videos in your mobile phone through your computer? The type-C interface meets you. Connect the type-C wireless screen projector through the type-C interface, or connect the large screen display with the only docking station or HDMI / VGA cable from type-C to HDMI / VGA. The pictures, videos and files in the mobile phone can be directly projected onto the large screen, and the split screen operation can be realized. The large and small screens do not interfere with each other. The mobile phone changes into a computer in a flash.

For Android, the type-C interface will gradually replace the micro USB interface

Any video image and text stored in the mobile phone can enjoy different visual experience with the large computer screen. Usually, you need to open the computer to upload pictures after taking photos with the camera. Now, only the type-C interface is used to connect with the card reader. The photos are opened and saved directly with the mobile phone. It’s really convenient to share friends and communicate pictures in time!

I’ve only heard of the computer connection network, and the type-C interface can connect to the network cable?! When WiFi is unstable and you are eating chicken happily, you can easily connect to the limited network with a single adapter. In addition, the type-C interface has the characteristics of high transmission speed, so that your network speed is home. In addition, with the type-C interface and USB flash disk, it is equivalent to a mobile phone capacity expansion device. The files are directly transferred to the U disk, and there is no need to transfer the files to the computer and then save them to the U disk.

Type-C has gradually become a trend in the industry. Its humanized design, powerful transmission speed and charging speed, as well as many expansion functions, are more and more in line with the needs of the public.

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