According to foreign media reports, at the world Developers Conference (WWDC) which opened on June 22, Apple announced the plan of self-developed MAC processor based on ARM architecture. The first MAC based on self-developed processor is planned to start shipping at the end of this year and complete the transition in two years. After that, all mac product lines will adopt self-developed processor.

Following Apple's use of self-developed arm architecture processor, Samsung will adopt self-developed ARM chip in computer

According to the latest reports from foreign media, after apple, more and more manufacturers may abandon Intel processors and adopt self-developed processors based on ARM architecture in computers. Samsung, Apple’s biggest competitor in the market of smart phones and other electronic products, may be one of them.

Foreign media reported that Samsung may adopt self-developed chips based on ARM architecture in personal computers, citing the information disclosed by the source.

Samsung is developing an arm processor based on exynos 1000 and other personal computers, the source said on social media on Wednesday.

Foreign media reported that Samsung’s exynos 1000 processor will be manufactured with Samsung’s own 5nm process for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 series smart phones. However, the informants believe that Samsung may be used for the upcoming windows series personal computers, if more specifically, Samsung’s own laptops.

It is worth noting that after Apple announced its plan to develop its own MAC processor, Jean Louis gass é e, former head of Apple’s MAC product line, once said that Apple’s move may lead more windows PC manufacturers to switch to arm camp and adopt arm architecture processors.

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