“Hello, please cooperate to measure your temperature.” Recently, temperature measurement has become an “established procedure” whether in and out of the community or in the station.

During the SARS period in 2003, the common tool for measuring body temperature was thermometer. Even the emergence of forehead temperature gun is a new thing. Now, infrared thermal imaging line thermometers have been used in stations, airports and shopping malls. Through infrared thermal imaging technology, the results can be displayed in a few seconds. If the temperature exceeds the standard, the equipment will alarm. So, what kind of technology is this?

How does infrared thermal imaging technology play a role in epidemic prevention and control?

It is understood that infrared thermal imaging technology can collect the infrared electromagnetic wave emitted by the object, then convert the infrared signal into electrical signal, and then display the radiation energy in different gray levels through the signal processing system, calculate the object temperature, and output the pseudo color image convenient for naked eye observation. Most of the relevant equipment put into use in this epidemic situation has a measurement range of 30 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, and the temperature measurement accuracy can reach ± 0.3 ℃. In addition, it can automatically give an early warning when detecting abnormal body temperature and remind personnel to carry out further examination in time.

Thermal imaging temperature measurement technology can enable major cities to prevent the epidemic from “early detection”. This kind of non-contact rapid detection of the body temperature of people entering and leaving can reduce the risk of cross infection and avoid the problem that traditional temperature measurement requires close contact.

Focus on the research and development of security enterprises and launch accurate temperature measurement equipment

This Spring Festival, the epidemic of novel coronavirus affects everyone’s heart. Security enterprises also have the courage to assume social responsibility to support front-line work by establishing a special epidemic prevention and control team and rapidly developing epidemic prevention and control related equipment.

Different from ordinary thermal imaging technology, the equipment used to detect human body temperature needs to achieve higher accuracy. Therefore, major security enterprises have launched temperature screening schemes and equipment for different scenarios.

Hikvision has developed body temperature screening equipment such as human body temperature thermograph and human body temperature barrel machine, which can not only ensure the temperature measurement accuracy, but also conduct rapid preliminary screening for personnel. The screened patients with abnormal body temperature can be retested with more accurate equipment such as ear temperature gun, so as to contribute to preventing the spread of the epidemic.

The application of blackbody is the key to the non inductive infrared human body thermal imaging temperature measurement system of Dahua Co., Ltd. The system measures temperature by setting the blackbody in the thermal imaging range and using the characteristics of the blackbody. In this way, the accurate corresponding relationship between gray scale and temperature can be established, which greatly improves the accuracy of human body temperature measurement.

In addition, Gaode infrared, Dali technology and other enterprises have also mastered the core infrared technology.

So, since infrared temperature measurement technology is so safe and efficient, can the results be used as medical indicators? In fact, infrared thermal imaging technology is mainly used to screen people with abnormal body temperature in order to remind the staff to further determine it. After all, the accuracy and accuracy of human body temperature detection can not be compared with medical temperature measuring instruments.

It is worth mentioning that in practical applications, in addition to ensuring accuracy and image quality, the economy and ease of use of the scheme can not be ignored.

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