Since the new infrastructure aims at the three modules of new height, new application and new life, it means that part of our existing infrastructure will be upgraded. As a part of logistics and storage, intelligent warehousing, relying on the development of network and intelligence, is bound to build a “new infrastructure” industrial power engine and promote the industry to a new level.

1、 Brief introduction and market prospect of intelligent warehousing industry

Intelligent warehousing is based on RFID, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies. It can achieve automatic identification, visualization, goods tracking, automatic or rapid sorting and other warehousing work by combining with the Internet platform. It can almost automatically complete the whole operation process from supplier to customer, which makes the two-way synchronization of logistics and supply, and greatly reduces the error rate.

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From the perspective of the whole industry chain, intelligent warehousing is similar to the downstream of ordinary warehousing, including retail, automobile and other multi consumer industries. The development focus is mainly on the system integration in the middle reaches and the software equipment in the upstream. Power supply needs a wide range of applications, such as stacker, transmission system, electronic display, various DC motor components.

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It is expected that the future market will maintain a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%, and the scale of intelligent warehousing market is expected to exceed 95.4 billion yuan in 2020. The logistics industry releases a lot of demand and has a bright future.

2、 System analysis of intelligent warehouse

The application of intelligent warehousing ensures the accuracy of goods management, including warehousing management system, warehousing control system, external system and PLC. 1. Warehouse management system: by providing accurate data management for warehouse and distribution center, realize data support. The total power of the whole system is about 350W, and the communication transmission is realized by RFID. 2. Warehouse control system: it is used to issue work instructions for the whole module and automatically lead the operation of logistics equipment. Including warehousing, inventory processing and other aspects, unified scheduling and monitoring. 3. PLC: the drive platform of hardware in the whole logistics process, which coordinates and optimizes the machines in each section according to the operation order. It is mainly used in the stacker, conveyor, hoist and other parts, and has a large demand for power supply. 4. External system: enterprise management platform, such as ERP, MES, SAS system, etc.

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3、 Power application pain point of intelligent storage system

(1) The intelligent storage system is used in the warehouse shelves, which requires high reliability of products. The motor control part can not have the product power failure, and can output continuously( 2) There are certain requirements for the installation structure and convenience of the power supply( 3) Some systems have long standby time, low power demand and high efficiency( 4) Due to the great difference of regional environment, the requirements of working temperature range are wider;

4、 Solution of intelligent storage system & recommendation of special products

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5、 Summary

Combined with artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data, face recognition, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, intelligent warehousing and logistics is changing from “new” to “prosperous”, and the technology and service level have been rapidly improved. As a part of the “new infrastructure” development strategy, the industry will focus on the combination of Internet technology in the future and accelerate towards the intelligent era. Jin Shengyang is committed to providing the industry and customers with the best quality power supply, and promoting the development of intelligent warehousing industry.

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