LinkIQ ™ The smart link cable + network tester integrates fluke network cable performance technology and switch diagnosis functions,Simplify the installation and fault diagnosis of generic cabling and network equipment.

Everett, Washington, USA, April 7, 2021 – fluke network released linkiq a few days ago ™ Intelligent link cable network tester, which integrates switch fault diagnosis and cutting-edge cable test function technology. The product uses the company’s LinkWare software to provide simple pass / fail test reports, and can also verify the performance of switches, including switches with power over Ethernet (POE) function.

“New technologies such as 10 gb/s Ethernet and extended power over Ethernet (POE) are at the heart of today’s networks.” Walter hock, vice president of fluke products, said: “whether it is an installer who needs to ensure error free operation and archive its work, or a fault diagnosis party who supports advanced equipment, it needs a test tool that has today’s advanced technology, is easy to use, can save time and cost, and can be widely deployed.”

Based on the single test method, linkiq automatically provides the corresponding measurement data according to the situation at the other end of the cable. For open cables, the instrument displays the length and pair; If the remote unit provided with the instrument is used, the test results show that the maximum data rate supported by the cable is up to 10 gb/s; If the cable is connected to a switch port, linkiq will display the switch name, port number, speed and duplex mode; If told that Poe is supported, the instrument will display the level and power (up to 90 w or level 8), and then load the switch to verify the power available.

Linkiq LinkWare using fluke network ™ PC reporting software, which supports various testers, can be traced back to 20 years ago. It is the de facto standard reporting solution in the industry and has tens of thousands of active users. The easiest way to manage report data is to use the free version of LinkWare. The software can store and access the results from various fluke products, and can also generate reports in PDF format.

“Linkiq is exactly the tool we are looking for – it can complete all the basic work of generic cabling testing, and also help us understand the connected switches.” Jayson LeBlanc, head of Austin generic cabling company, said: “the ability to use LinkWare software to provide standard reports means that customers trust our work, and we can complete the work faster and get paid.”

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