The new metal LC connector significantly prolongs the service life of test reference jumper and access fiber.

Beijing, China, September 13, 2021 – fluke network launched a new durable metal LC reference level test jumper and access optical fiber, which will become the standard configuration of all LC termination test jumpers. The traditional LC connector adopts a single-chip plastic design, which will lead to the bending and final fracture of the latch structure. It needs to be replaced when it is repeatedly used in the test process. Fluke network metal LC latch system adopts multi piece metal design, which is separated from the main body and will not be bent, which significantly improves the service life of latch structure and prolongs the service life of LC connector, test reference jumper and access optical fiber.

“For many years, contractors who have tested a large number of LC termination links have been complaining about the project delay and increased cost caused by LC connector latch failure,” said Adrian young, fiber optic product manager of fluke network, “After extensive engineering design and testing, we are pleased to announce that the optical fiber test line will be equipped with extremely durable metal LC connectors. These metal LC connectors fully comply with TIA 604-10-b standard: optical fiber connector interoperability standard – LC type.”

A typical LC connector cannot be used in the field for a long time together with the test line because its latch system is easy to fail. The latch is used to engage and separate the optical fiber connector from individual components. With the new fluke network metal LC design, the latch is no longer bent to engage and separate with optical components such as adapters, which greatly improves the service life of the latch system, thus prolonging the service life of the LC connector. By extending the service life of the test line, the cost is saved for users. More importantly, the project delay caused by replacing the test line is reduced.

“The plastic latch on our LC test line always breaks before the cable is worn. Therefore, we have encountered many such problems in data center installation projects,” said Jason zasada, technical solutions director of faith technologies incorporated, a leading enterprise in electrical engineering planning, design and installation “We found that this new metal connector is more robust, and I am suggesting faith to adopt it, especially for our larger projects.”

The fluke network metal LC connector has passed up to 10000 plug-in tests without any impact on its performance, and has passed all telecordia gr-326-core durability tests, including heat, humidity, vibration, bending, impact and salt spray tests. The new metal LC test line is used with fluke permanent link adapter, which has the industry’s unique durable metal connector and is designed for testing module socket (“RJ-45”) to terminate twisted pair wiring links.

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