Endoscope, also known as endoscope, is a multi-disciplinary tool. Its function is to explore the depth, stenosis and inconvenience of curved pipes. It can observe the parts that cannot be looked directly, observe the internal space structure and state in the sealed cavity, and realize long-distance observation and operation. For example, the traditional sewer detection can only lift the manhole cover for manual detection; The engine is narrow and difficult to reach by manpower. With industrial endoscope, these problems can be solved!

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Nondestructive testing requires the use of industrial endoscope as a testing tool, which is specially designed and produced to meet the complex industrial environment. With the development of endoscope manufacturing technology, endoscope detection has been widely used. With the rapid development of science and technology, flirvs290-32, an industrial external visual video endoscope integrating infrared imaging camera and visible light camera, is newly launched by Philips, which aims to help professionals quickly and safely find hidden dangers that are inconvenient to detect, especially in narrow areas such as underground power distribution room, generator and underground pipeline.

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Easily enter the narrow area and quickly identify the problem points

Flirvs290-32 is the first industrial grade, electrical safety grade certified and flexible dual sensor video endoscope of Philips. Equipped with a two meter long replaceable camera probe, flirvs290-32 can quickly find hidden faults without operators entering inconvenient locations and spaces. It can easily check the underground distribution room, large gearbox, motor, attic Creeping space and internal conditions of other industrial applications. This product is equipped with flirsystems patented multi band dynamic imaging (MSX) ®) Technology, superimposing the details of the visible scene on the full infrared image, greatly improving the image definition, which can provide an effective basis for accurately and safely evaluating and identifying potential problems, so as to immediately confirm the location of temperature problems, so as to prevent power failure and asset failure.

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Rugged, adaptable and trusted for sharing results

Flirvs290-32 has been certified with multiple safety levels. The electrical detection safety level is cativ600v, and the dust-proof and water-proof levels of camera probe and base are IP67 and IP54 respectively. It can meet the needs of the most demanding use environment and greatly improve the convenience of detection in narrow spaces that are difficult to reach such as power plants, distribution systems and manufacturing facilities.

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After the inspection, the user can use the attached SD memory card to save the images and videos, and then upload them to the PC through the usb-c data line to save the inspection steps and details, which can provide an effective basis for evaluating and identifying potential problems, make the work progress process traceable and win the trust of leaders and customers. Similarly, you can quickly create and share reports with team members, use flirthermal studio to arrange maintenance work and solve fault problems as soon as possible.

Complete additional functions and wide application industry

Flirvs290-32 is equipped with a flirlepton as standard ® Infrared sensor, with heating / cold color alarm or isotherm option, can quickly identify the problem area in an extremely wide temperature range of – 10 to 400 ℃. The product is equipped with a two-position battery charger and lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which can work continuously for six hours after being fully charged.

As a new industrial infrared visual video endoscope in the industry, flirvs290-32 can be used in a wide range of industries:

In public utilities, flirvs290-32 can be used for the inspection of sewer pipes, basements, turbines, generators, pumps, feedwater heaters, condensers, heat exchangers, pipes, motor valves, gearboxes, etc. it is very suitable for line maintenance / technicians, electrician team leaders, maintenance technicians, field technicians, etc;

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In the manufacturing industry, flirvs290-32 can be used for inspection between molded plates, in large gearboxes or motors, internal area heat exchangers with safety barriers, gas turbines, small wind tunnels, etc. it is very suitable for condition monitoring engineers, safety engineers, reliability technicians / managers, NDT technicians, etc.

In addition to being widely used in the above industries, flirvs290-32 can also be applied to the public safety industry. Law enforcement personnel, police and first aid personnel can use it to check potential hiding places such as attics, obtain favorable positions at corners, and scan vehicles with infrared and visible light.

As long as there are narrow areas that are inconvenient to check, flirvs290-32 infrared endoscope kit is your perfect partner.

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