FLIR C Series Compact infrared thermal imagers are portable detection tools for building, facility maintenance, HVAC and refrigeration, electrical maintenance and other troubleshooting applications. FLIR c3-x and FLIR C5, two new c-series upgrade products released by FLIR, are loved by users as soon as they are launched! So what’s the magic of them?

FLIR c3-x / C5 are built-in FLIR ignite ™ Cloud connection enables direct data upload, storage and backup, so you can view images on any device at any time. Both thermal imagers use FLIR MSX ®( Multi band dynamic imaging) can extract scene details from the built-in visible light digital camera lens and display them in the complete infrared image.

Both of the two thermal imagers are pocket infrared thermal imagers with complete functions and many highlights. But which one is the most suitable for your needs?


FLIR c3-x infrared thermal imager is a 3 in 1 tool with the functions of infrared thermal imager, digital camera and flashlight. one hundred and twenty-eight × 96 (12288 pixels) resolution thermal imager with – 20 to 300 ° C (- 4 to 572 ° F) This is a significant upgrade to the original FLIR C2. Although it is FLIR’s entry-level c-series thermal imager, it still has powerful functions, such as FLIR ignite and MSX, as well as professional reporting function. It can archive images of problems and maintenance through FLIR thermal studio.


FLIR C5 functions much like c3-x, but includes a more powerful 169 x 120 (19200 pixel) resolution thermal imager. Higher resolution can provide you with more details, so that the thermal imager can identify more subtle temperature difference and easily achieve accurate temperature measurement. On this basis, C5 also has zoom function, using one touch level / span to achieve better scene contrast, and has – 20 to 400 ° C (- 4 to 752) ° F) A wider temperature range.

FLIR c3-x is an ideal choice for professionals who need an easy-to-use and portable thermal imager to identify and check problems. However, the high resolution of FLIR C5 is more satisfactory for you to want better details and identify smaller temperature differences.

If you don’t rely too much on the infrared thermal imager in the detection, but still need the help of the thermal imager, then the economical FLIR c3-x is your best choice. If you need a more robust thermal imager for periodic inspection of potential problems, FLIR C5 will be more suitable for your needs, and its price will not exceed your budget.

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