Flexiv Feixi technology, a general intelligent ­ robot company, announced the completion of more than US $100 million round B financing. The main investors include meituan, Zhujiang group, new hope group, Longwood, Yunfeng fund, China Merchants capital, and the original investors Gaorong capital and Jinshajiang venture capital.

Founded in 2016, flexiv Feixi technology is committed to the research and development of advanced humanoid robot and artificial intelligence technology. It has independently designed and developed key technologies such as robot body, servo drive, core sensor, operating system and algorithm. At present, flexiv technology has built a complete software and hardware product system and applied for more than 100 technical patents.

36 krypton once reported “flexiv is not an evening”. In 2019, it completed a + round of financing, with an accumulated amount of RMB 150 million. In April of the same year, it officially launched the world’s first adaptive robot, river dawn, at the Hanover industrial exhibition, Germany, and won the if Design Award and the German innovation award.

Wang Shiquan told 36 krypton that before he founded Feixi, he found that there were still three pain points in the automation transformation industry:

Flexiv technology, a general intelligent ­ robot enterprise, completes round B financing

Most of the existing robots still use preset trajectories to serve some specific scenes, or engage in some structured work. However, when some flexible parts are assembled and processed or the products are processed in complex processes, it is difficult for robots to process them accurately;

Products and services have begun to develop in the direction of customization and variety, but most of the existing robot systems can only serve the same scene or the same product, and the added value of the process is low;

Due to the limitations of technical characteristics and capabilities, the existing industrial or service robots are difficult to work continuously in a complex and open environment, which makes the scope of work that robots can engage in very limited

Therefore, referring to the working mode of human, combining the new robot force control technology with artificial intelligence and vision, so that the robot can carry out flexible and complex operation with force feeling as the main and visual judgment as the auxiliary, so as to assist or replace human work in more scenes has become the breakthrough idea of flexiv.

At the present stage, robots used in manufacturing industry in the world have a market scale of 100 billion US dollars. Feixi believes that due to the flexibility and intelligence of the third generation adaptive manipulator, it can also be used in many fields such as agriculture and service industry, with huge market potential.

In the face of industry competition, Wang Shiquan told 36 krypton that now is not the time to “replace”, but to “complement”. At present, the working mode of robots in the market is still position oriented, while “flexiv non Xi” has deeply integrated industrial force control and AI technology along the anthropomorphic technical route, expanding the capability boundary of robots. Therefore, in general, the “flexiv” technology can make robots more versatile and solve more “hands-on” tasks. Therefore, flexiv is committed to expanding the incremental market rather than competing with traditional robots in the stock market.

This round of financing will be mainly used for mass commercial landing, new market development and cutting-edge technology research and development. Wang Shiquan, founder and CEO of flexiv Feixi technology, said: “on the one hand, we will continue to cultivate the manufacturing industry and gradually infiltrate industrial quality products into every production link with matching advantages; On the other hand, it will also open the intelligent exploration of service, agriculture, medical and other industry wide applications. “

Yue bin, founding partner of Gaorong capital, said: “the fine and complex force control system integrates the cutting-edge AI technology, and the non Xi built adaptive robot can work in a more human like way, upgrading the versatility and intelligence of the robot to a new level.”

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