The folding screen is the same as a traditional mobile phone, which can be turned into a tablet computer, watch, etc. This folding design meets the needs of consumers in pursuit of portable large screen. Therefore, flexible folding screen is considered to be the development form of mobile phone in the future.

Mobile phone manufacturers see the broad development prospects of folding screen and flock into the market. However, the spring of folding screen market has not yet arrived. The biggest obstacle is the price factor, which limits the purchase of users. Not long ago, Huawei released a folding screen mobile phone mate x, which costs 16999 yuan, making people call it “can’t afford it”. Secondly, the technology of folding screen has not made a complete breakthrough, there are still limitations.

The emergence of flexible folding screen has a historical inevitability, the current mobile phones, tablets and computers and other intelligent terminal devices, bring excellent sensory experience for users, large screen has become the future development trend. As a matter of fact, the size of the terminal product will increase due to the change of the screen, which can not meet the user’s portable needs. In the face of this problem, flexible folding screen can be a good solution.

Flexible touch technology will provide power for the development of mobile phone screen in the future

In addition, flexible screen can achieve free bending to a great extent, which makes intelligent terminal devices get rid of the existing rigid structure and realize diversified structures, such as folding bending, screen curling, etc., so as to reduce the size of the screen and realize the folding bending of intelligent terminal device screen.

Because the flexible screen can’t be folded in half and can’t bear the characteristics of tension and compression, the flexible screen must be matched with the appropriate support structure to be applied. In addition, the durability of flexible screen has become our concern. In order to bring more security to the screen, panel manufacturers need to seek stable and reliable new technologies and materials, such as graphene, silver nanowires and other flexible materials, so as to truly realize the revolutionary application scenarios brought by folding products.

Flexible folding screen is not a platform for manufacturers to show off. People’s admiration for folding screen technology stems from the development of scientific and technological innovation. As for whether folding screen can become the ultimate form of mobile phones in the future, we need to work together to overcome the problems of flexible technology and let more and more people enjoy the convenience brought by technology.


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