After five or six years of exploration, the value of medical big data began to show in 2019; after the epidemic in 2020, it will grow vigorously. According to IDC’s global big data and analysis expenditure guidelines, the market size of medical big data solutions (software and services) based on clinical information in China in 2019 will be RMB 1.01 billion, and it is expected that it will show an accelerated development trend in the next few years, with a compound growth rate of 22.0% from 2019 to 2024, and the market size will reach RMB 2.73 billion by 2024. If we consider the big data of medical insurance and life science, the market scale will be larger.

After the research of leading medical big data projects, combined with IDC’s analysis of big data technology and solutions, IDC summarizes five best practices of successful medical big data projects, which support the realization of value and ensure the dynamic operation and sustainable development of big data projects. The practice of these five aspects is a reliable reference for medical institutions to establish big data projects. The five practices are as follows:

Practice 1:

First of all, it determines the value points of big data and evaluates the usability and technical feasibility of big data, so as to formulate the construction ideas of medical big data solutions to ensure output.

Practice 2:

Select and determine the specialized subject areas of medical big data, establish the subject big data standards, and follow the standards to design the architecture and data governance system of big data pool.

Practice 3:

Data collection adopts flexible and rich data integration technology and effective cooperation mechanism to establish a rich dynamic big data pool.

Practice 4:

Establish a high-performance big data analysis platform, equipped with professional big data analysis tools, and provide an easy-to-use operation platform.

Practice 5:

Based on the big data platform to support clinical research and establish clinical application system, make the big data platform dynamic operation, continue to play a value.

Only those big data projects with excellent performance in the above five aspects can obtain long-term vitality, continuously obtain input and output value, form a positive cycle, and provide continuous data value for medical practice.

From the perspective of the development of medical big data technology suppliers, the manufacturer ecology of medical big data is showing the following characteristics:

Professional medical big data solution manufacturers usually establish advanced big data platform and analysis technology, and have made a lot of explorations on the depth and breadth of medical big data application. They have made a lot of explorations in scientific research, clinical, life science, special disease treatment, medical insurance and other fields, established model projects, and basically mastered the application and development rules of big data We are steadily developing markets and fields.

Comprehensive medical information manufacturers establish big data projects in customers. This kind of manufacturers have the first mover advantage, but because the big data project investment resources are relatively large, and old customers also have a large number of information construction projects, so their hospital customers still lack enough investment in big data, and the income growth of manufacturers in this field has just begun.

Some comprehensive ICT manufacturers and comprehensive emerging technology manufacturers are also paying attention to the development of medical big data, but these manufacturers are still in the wait-and-see stage. With the maturity of the model, these manufacturers are also stepping into the market.

The total revenue of the six major manufacturers tracked in the market share report of medical big data solutions in 2019 accounts for 40.1% of the medical big data solutions market in 2019. Among the major manufacturers, professional medical big data solution manufacturers include zero krypton technology, senyi intelligent and big data medical; comprehensive medical information manufacturers include Jiahe Meikang, Neusoft group and Weining health. In addition, there are also other medical big data manufacturers actively exploring the market, and the total revenue of other manufacturers accounts for 59.9% of the market share.

It is estimated that in the next five years, the medical big data business will show a steady and high-speed growth trend, big data manufacturers will increase their efforts to develop business, and the market share will be in a low concentration state; in the next five to ten years, the competition will intensify, the products of manufacturers will appear the trend of survival of the fittest, the market concentration will begin to improve, and the main large manufacturers will show more and more advantages .

Xiao Hongliang, senior research manager of industry research and consulting service department of IDC China healthinsights, said: after years of development, medical big data has gradually shown its value. After years of exploration, medical big data solution manufacturers are gradually building solutions to help hospitals generate value output. Professional medical big data solution manufacturers and comprehensive medical information manufacturers have done benchmarking big data projects, which have been recognized by hospitals. It is expected that in the next three to five years, medical big data solutions will be deployed and play their value in more hospitals; it is expected that in the next five to ten years, medical big data solution platform will gradually mature, gradually become the standard product tool of hospitals, and support the development of artificial intelligence products. Medical big data manufacturers will establish a variety of business models, and those who establish a comprehensive business model will gradually take the lead. Professional medical big data manufacturers and comprehensive medical information manufacturers will present a relationship of cooperation and competition.

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