There are many joint points between AI and medical field. Through the summary and analysis of the application of AI in medical field, it is mainly applied in five fields, namely: medical imaging, auxiliary diagnosis, drug research and development, health management, disease prediction.

01. In terms of medical imaging, with the development advantages of medical imaging big data and image recognition technology, medical imaging has become the most mature field of the combination of artificial intelligence and medical treatment in China. No matter from the financing situation (in 2018, the amount of financing in the first three quarters is as high as 2.6 billion yuan), or the top ten expected revenue in 2018, AI medical imaging industry has performed well, and it is in the tuberculosis industry There are mature products in the field of fundus, breast cancer and cervical cancer, but no medical AI product in this field has obtained class III medical device certificate.

Five applications of intelligent technology in medical field

Therefore, most of the basically formed AI medical imaging products in our country are in the hospital trial stage, and the companies in this field have not realized profit basically.

02. In terms of auxiliary diagnosis, medical imaging, electronic medical record, guidance robot and virtual assistant are the main application scenarios. Moreover, most of the products are integrated software and hardware solutions. At present, the products are still in the polishing stage, and may be inclined to the service charging mode in the future.

03. In terms of drug R & D, domestic new drug R & D is still dominated by generic drugs and improved drugs. Therefore, compared with the foreign A1 drug R & D industry, the domestic layout is relatively backward, but the business model is clear, mainly for AI companies to cooperate with pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs.

04. In terms of health management, this field is not mature in China, mainly focusing on chronic disease management and maternal and child management. The business model mainly focuses on health examination paid by enterprises and individuals, and the follow-up payment model needs to be mature.

05. In terms of disease prediction, China mainly focuses on the field of gene detection. Due to the existence of technical barriers, the upstream of this field is basically monopolized by foreign companies, and the downstream is mainly hospital delivery mode and third-party detection mode.


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