After the versa smart watch was highly praised by the market, Fitbit made persistent efforts and officially launched a series of new products on Wednesday. It includes four new products: Fitbit versa Lite, Fitbit inspire HR, Fitbit inspire and Fitbit ACE 2.

Fitbit versa Lite is the “youth version” of versa smart watch, Fitbit inspire HR is a smart Bracelet designed for sports lovers, Fitbit inspire is an upgraded version instead of charge 3, and the last Fitbit ACE 2 is a smart Bracelet designed for children.

Fitbit released four new wearable products, which were launched as early as March

Fitbit versa Lite continues the appearance design of the previous versa smart watch and provides three color options: red, blue and magenta. It only provides one power button, and the main control is mainly completed by sliding and clicking the front 1.34 inch touch screen.

Compared with Fitbit versa smart watch, versa Lite removes functions such as NFC, music playback, barometer and gyroscope, but retains functions such as endurance time, pedometer, heart rate detection and calorie consumption for nearly 4 days. According to Fitbit, versa Lite is a smart watch for those who do not require high fitness functions.

Fitbit inspire HR and inspire smart bracelets are twin brothers. They have a very similar appearance design, and are equipped with a touch screen to support motion detection, mobile phone notification, sleep tracking and other functions. When fully charged, it can provide up to 5 days of endurance.

The difference is that the inspire HR smart bracelet can only read the heart rate data when worn on the wrist, while inspire can record the user’s fitness data in other places.

The last Fitbit ACE 2 is a smart Bracelet designed for those children. The main part of the bracelet is wrapped by a large area of silica gel, which can protect the touch screen and avoid harm to children. This smart Bracelet supports step detection, sleep monitoring, push call notification and certain waterproof performance. In addition, Fitbit redraws the system UI for this smart bracelet and adds many cartoon elements.

It is reported that Fitbit versa Lite, Fitbit inspire HR and inspire smart bracelets will all land in the North American market in March, while Fitbit ACE 2 designed for children will be officially put on sale this summer.

The price of Fitbit versa Lite is US $160 (about 1073 yuan), Fitbit inspire HR is US $100 (about 671 yuan), and the price of Fitbit inspire and Fitbit ACE 2 is US $70 (about 470 yuan).

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