On Wednesday, Fitbit launched a new versa2 smart watch, which is a great progress in the company’s smart watch. The dial of versa2 smart watch is covered with an elegant glass cover, the number of side buttons is reduced from three to one, and the content displayed on the dial is less complex, making its appearance more high-quality and luxurious. In addition, Fitbit also cancels the logo flag on the bottom border.

Fitbit versa 2 contains sufficient improvements and functions. Its price is $199.99, which is the same as that of its previous generation. Its most significant improvement is the use of a new OLED display. This screen is bright and vivid, and the frame around it is more difficult to be noticed than the LCD display of the first generation versa, and it can be hidden with a dial with a black background.

Fitbit launches a new versa2 smart watch for $199.99

Fitbit said that the versa2 can be used for more than five days after each charge, which is an improvement over the four-day battery life of the previous version. The new always on display mode allows users to continuously see a clear, monochrome time view, remaining battery life and some important data. Applewatch and most other smart watches require users to raise their arms or press a button to open the display.

By removing the two side buttons from versa, Fitbit hopes that users can use versa2’s touch screen more to interact with watches. In addition, versa 2 supports Amazon Alexa smart assistant and has built-in microphone. Users can trigger Alexa by pressing and holding the only button of versa2, but versa2 has no speaker. Therefore, users need to check the Alexa smart assistant on the display screen to see the reply to your query.

Fitbit versa 2 is equipped with NFC technology as standard, which allows users to make contactless payment. Versa2 and the early generation versa have some common characteristics, such as heart rate sensor and water resistance up to 50m depth.

In addition, versa2 is compatible with all watchbands of the first generation versa. Unfortunately, like the first generation versa, the versa2 still does not have a built-in GPS, so if users want to record motion data with GPS, they still need to use it with a smartphone. However, versa2 will support two new features launched by Fitbit next month, namely sleep scoring and intelligent wake-up. Among them, the sleep score can list the time amount of each sleep stage (light sleep, REM and deep sleep). Intelligent wake-up is an intelligent alarm clock, which can find the best time to wake up users according to users’ sleep habits.

Fitbit versa 2 will go on sale in the United States on September 15. The price is still $200. Fitbit versa 2 will also have a special version for $230 with two additional watchbands. Fitbit also launched a new trainer and fitness guide subscription service called Fitbit premium – which costs $10 a month or $80 a year. Fitbitpremium will provide guided programs and exercises, covering everything from exercise programs to weight loss and calorie counting guides, and customize programs based on fitness data.

According to the plan, Fitbit’s subscription service will be launched in September, which will focus on exercise, weight loss and general health reports. It will prepare a health report that you can show your doctor, let the doctor plan to summarize the key fitness data collected by Fitbit, and finally present it as a chart of exercise, sleep, heart rate and weight over time.

In addition, Fitbit has also launched a basic smart scale fitbitaria air for $50 to measure weight and BMI. Starting from $49.95, Fitbit will start pre-sale in September.

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