Lay out high speed communication and put forward integrated information network of heaven and earth

In recent years, our government has vigorously promoted the development of information network technology, laid out high-speed communication facilities, and led the world in the fifth generation communication technology represented by 5g. In 2020, China proposes to strengthen the construction of new infrastructure, develop a new generation of information network, expand 5g applications, build data centers, stimulate new consumer demand, and help industrial upgrading.

Around 5g communication technology, China and some developed countries are competing in science and technology. It also includes big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, advanced intelligent equipment manufacturing and other fields. Communication network is particularly important.

After 5g, the next generation of high-speed communication technology has been explored for a long time, “integrated information network of heaven and earth” will become an important embodiment of high-speed communication technology. The concept of integration of space and earth was proposed a few years ago. It combines space technology, space communication, laser transmission, star chain plan, etc. to provide accurate and fast data for all-round and full coverage interconnection with ground communication on a global scale.

As one of the first batch of national “science and technology innovation 2030 major projects” launched, the integrated information network of heaven and earth has been listed in the outline of the 13th five year plan and the 13th five year plan of national science and technology innovation. It is an important symbol of a powerful country in science and technology and an important deployment project of building a powerful country in network, which is of great significance to China’s economic and social development and national network security.

According to the idea of “space-based networking, cross generation of ground network, and interconnection of heaven and earth”, the integrated information network of heaven and earth is based on the ground network and extended by the space network, covering the space, air, land, sea and other natural space, providing information support infrastructure for all kinds of user activities such as space-based, land-based, sea-based, etc.

First show of hard core technology in the world integrated information network Ecological Exhibition

The application scope of the integrated information network of heaven and earth is wide

Relying on the satellite communication, laser transmission and space communication technology of earth orbit satellite and satellite chain, many information such as positioning, operation, trajectory, image and detection can be quickly transmitted and connected to the ground receiving station to realize the integration of heaven and earth. In addition to receiving signals in mobile phones, computers and other applications, it can also play a role in national defense projects, agriculture, construction, civil aviation, ground transportation, maritime navigation, space experiments, ocean exploration, ecology, meteorology, national land resources and many other aspects.

Especially in space experiment, space communication can play an important role. China has become a big Aerospace country, and the number of rockets launched every year is among the top in the world. In the process of rocket launch, we need accurate control and real-time tracking of rocket state, running speed and positioning. And there are ground and ocean receiving stations to timely transmit information to the console headquarters, and finally put the satellite into the predetermined orbit accurately. This is the result of cooperative data exchange between the integrated network of heaven and earth.

China Electronic Science and Technology Group has taken the lead in launching the pilot project of the integration of space and sky information network, and all aspects of work are being promoted and put into trial.

First show of hard core technology in the world integrated information network Ecological Exhibition

Hard core technology exhibition! Focusing on the new hard core technology, with the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, the 2020 world integrated information network eco Expo will present the first show of the exhibition! Industry a number of new technology blessing, I believe it will bring a technological feast to the audience!

It is reported that this ecological exhibition will be held in Beijing National Convention Center from November 30 to December 2. This is one of the important exhibition areas of the 2020 Optoelectronic Industry Expo, and it is also the first appearance after the technology innovation strategic alliance of the integrated information network industry “hand in hand” by the Chinese society of optical engineering.

This year’s information network ecological Expo will focus on three areas: space-based, ground-based and application, including satellite platform (payload), launch, core devices, floating (unmanned) vehicle, space-based information port; ground information port, commercial measurement and operation control, integration of space-based network and 4G / 5G, gateway station; emergency relief support, information inclusive service, mobile communication service and aviation network service Marine information services, space-based relay services, terminals, etc.

In addition to the theme exhibition of laser and intelligent manufacturing, innovative technology and experimental results, infrared low light level technology and its application, measurement and control technology and instrument, optics, precision optical manufacturing, optical communication, optical sensing and Internet of things, the organizer also specially added an integrated information network ecological Expo The exhibition area will be the most important part of this year.

National ministries and commissions support industry authoritative experts to make reports

At present, the Chinese society of optical engineering has built three brand conferences in the space earth integrated information network: the future space technology summit forum, the space optical communication and Networking Technology Symposium, and the space earth sea integrated information network conference. As an important part of this optoelectronic Expo, I believe that the new products and new technologies of this eco Expo will be expected.

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