First 8-pin STM32 microcontroller for simple applications

8-pin stm32g0 microcontroller integrates performance, compactness, flexibility and energy efficiency

China, September 20, 2019 – STM32 8-pin microcontroller (MCU) is now on the market, and its compact and economical package allows simple embedded development projects to take advantage of the performance and flexibility of 32-bit MCU.

First 8-pin STM32 microcontroller released

The four new stm32g0 microcontrollers are the perfect combination of 8-pin economy and 32-bit performance, which are unique in the market. The 64mhz arm based on 59 DMIPS ® Cortex ®- M0 + CPU, 8KB ram and 32KB flash memory on chip. High performance peripherals include 2.5msps ADC, high-resolution timer and high-speed SPI interface. Flexible I / O pin mapping and MCU internal functions make it easy for designers to upgrade terminal product functions without sacrificing circuit board space or BOM cost. High stability internal oscillator, accuracy of ± 1% in wide temperature and voltage range, saving external clock components for developers.

Market expectations such as battery capacity limits, ecological design rules, or electrical energy efficiency levels affect energy sensitive applications. Thanks to the tested and verified low-power design features of STM32 MCU series, 8-pin stm32g0 microcontrollers will gradually gain the upper hand in energy sensitive applications.

The new MCU inherits all functions of stm32g0 series, up to 100 pins, up to 512KB flash memory, as well as additional high-performance analog peripherals and security protection functions, to help developers simplify future product upgrades and function expansion.

The new 8-pin stm32g0 MCU is now available in 6 mm x 4.9 mm so8n package. The 8-pin exploration kit stm32g0316-disco has fast and economical evaluation function, which can reduce the development workload.

Stm32g031j6, stm32g031j4 and stm32g041j6 are also packaged in so8n. Compared with the super value series, they add hardware AES accelerator, safe boot or firmware update safe storage area, additional timer and 96 bit unique device ID.

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