On June 8, the midsummer night, the 2018 Feixun summer new product launch was held in Haitang Bay, Sanya. The theme of this event is “smart to beauty, leading the trend of the future”. The three trump technology products of “smart router k2t, smart SPORTS BRACELET W3 and smart fat scale S9” will deeply cultivate the three fields of smart home, family health and sports health with new smart technology, so that smart data can drive the overall efficiency evolution of human beings and bring the world’s leading smart and beautiful life to Chinese people.

Feixun intelligent router k2t, smart home data center

Traditional routers are limited by many network cables, small coverage, weak signal and so on. With the iteration of Feixun star product intelligent router K2 and the emergence of the new k2t, Feixun pays tribute to the future life with the strength performance of coexistence of wisdom and appearance.

Feixun intelligent router k2t adopts the separate design of network port and body, the integrated network port of adapter (integrated design of network cable and power line), and is equipped with five patented interfaces and power supply technologies. It has become the world’s first typec interface router. Thanks to the support of Qualcomm solutions, the world’s top Netcom manufacturer, wired and wireless full Gigabit and high-speed coverage have built the top performance of “strong enough to have no wall”. In addition to the phijoin connection protocol initiated by its world’s first router end, the secret free distribution network is completed in 5S, and Feixun intelligent router k2t subverts again with the attitude of redefining the future router.

Not only the futuristic scientific and technological aesthetic design, but also bring temperament sublimation to home life; Users can share the innovative function of WiFi red envelope reward to realize the high value-added experience that allows the router to help you make money at home. Maybe it can be easily realized with a monthly income of thousands of yuan. They really understand life and “benefit” to make money—— Feixun intelligent router k2t, wireless, let selfie online!

Feixun intelligent fat scale S9, family health management expert

In order to actively advocate a healthy lifestyle and remind people to always pay attention to their own health data, based on the intelligent body fat scale S7, Feixun has made great efforts to build the world’s first integrated and innovative intelligent body fat scale – Feixun intelligent body fat scale S9.

Precise inside and exquisite outside are the spiritual totem of Feixun intelligent fat scale S9. In addition to the powerful personal health management platform, the performance of high appearance is also amazing. Feixun intelligent fat scale S9, which was endorsed by omnipotent artist Chen Weiting, inherited and carried forward the aesthetic design spirit of pure environment ingenuity in an almost extreme way.

In terms of product performance, Feixun intelligent fat scale S9 continues the innovative design of S7 “split electrode”, and perfectly connects the flashlight electrode with the scale body through the independently developed high-precision electrode wire, which not only ensures the accuracy and flexibility of measurement, but also fully ensures the simplicity and beauty of the scale body.

8-electrode multi frequency lipid measurement technology, combined with high and low frequency, can not only pass through the measurement of extracellular fluid impedance, but also deeply measure different nuclear impedance to ensure more accurate original data collection.

23 health indicators, including heart rate, weight and BMI, enable users to pay attention to their own health status all the time and realize fine physical management.

1 set of personalized healthy life plan based on everyone’s measured health data feedback, which realizes data collection through Feixun IOT platform, carries out data analysis in combination with Feixun health cloud platform, scientifically presents the data results on the app side, and provides intelligent management for healthy life—— Feixun intelligent fat scale S9 is precise, internal and external!

Feixun intelligent SPORTS BRACELET W3, a new force in sports and health

What kind of smart watch can integrate fitness coaches and health management experts. Feixun smart SPORTS BRACELET W3 tells you the answer.

Beauty is the ultimate. Feixun intelligent SPORTS BRACELET W3 is the first semi reflective and semi transparent SPORTS BRACELET in China. No matter how strong the sun is, the contents displayed by the bracelet are ready for your review at any time; Beauty is an action. Go out and run in the mountains, forests and wilderness, more dreams. Beauty is a kind of life. The protection brought by Feixun intelligent SPORTS BRACELET W3 is every minute and every second.

Corning gorilla glass, with the proportion of ultra-high screen, has the narrowest fuselage of similar products, creating a precedent in the industry.

It is suitable for running, swimming, cycling and other sports modes, and can stand alone at any time. The leading instant spot positioning algorithm can support multi satellite intelligent switching, fast positioning, fast recovery when losing a satellite, and low-power optimization; W3 Bracelet not only has the function of double star fast positioning, but also applies the inertial navigation technology for vehicle navigation to the mobile bracelet for the first time, which can keep the motion track consistent with the actual route under the condition of weak signal.

Feixun intelligent SPORTS BRACELET W3 supports 7×24-hour uninterrupted intelligent heart rate monitoring and intelligent sleep monitoring in parallel, covering the whole daily life of users such as exercise, sleep, sedentary and calorie consumption. It takes big data as the scientific basis to give users the best reference for health management and lead the scientific paradigm of healthy and light body—— Feixun intelligent SPORTS BRACELET W3, live out power!

From big data application to smart life, Feixun intelligent router k2t, intelligent SPORTS BRACELET W3 and intelligent fat scale S9 are slowly changing people’s cognition of scientific and technological products and bringing new changes to life. As the leader of the trend of smart life, Feixun has reshaped the scene of smart life and subverted the industrial pattern. What’s more valuable is that Feixun has infinitely amplified this indomitable and innovative spirit, and will eventually witness the advent of a new smart era.

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