On December 20, the 16th “China core” conference was opened in Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The event focused on “China core in the chain and made in China”. At the same time, the award ceremony of “China core” excellent products and 11 Industry Summit forums were held. Dou Qiang, general manager of Feiteng company, attended the event and delivered a keynote speech on “ecological co construction, industrial win-win, digital transformation and upgrading of China’s core smart industry”. Feitengrui d2000, a new generation of high-performance desktop processor chip of Feiteng, stands out from 81 chip products of 71 enterprises and won the excellent market performance product of “China core” in 2021! This is the third time that Feiteng has won the honor of “China core”, and it is also the only enterprise selected in the field of domestic general CPU, which fully reflects the high recognition of Feiteng core by the industry, market and consumers.

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The “China core” conference is one of the most authoritative and influential industry conferences in the domestic IC field under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology. The “China core” excellent product collection activity held at the conference has become a wind vane and review for the development of domestic IC products and technologies. “Excellent market performance products” are mainly awarded to single chip products with outstanding sales performance and independent intellectual property rights in major market application fields. This year, the conference received a total of 319 application materials for chip products from 217 enterprises, all of which were record highs.

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Since the launch of feitengrui d2000, the product has been highly recognized by the market and achieved a new high sales of domestic desktop CPU. The products have covered the application scenarios of desktop, all-in-one and portable computers, and have been applied to workstations, trusted terminals, switches, firewalls, edge lightweight servers and other products.

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Adhering to the concept of “independent innovation of core technology and open combination of industrial ecology”, Feiteng has seized the opportunity and seized the opportunity to make rapid development. There are more than 3000 software and hardware ecological partners, covering the whole system such as BIOS, complete machine, operating system, middleware, database and integrator, and built the largest information system ecology in China. At present, Feiteng has jointly designed and completed more than 2000 complete machine products, transplanted and optimized more than 5800 kinds of software and peripherals, and can be compatible with more than 2 million mobile apps. The products based on Feiteng platform have been applied on a large scale in the fields of domestic government office, cloud computing, big data, finance, energy and rail transit.

Facing the future, Feiteng will concentrate and shoulder heavy responsibilities bravely, continue to promote technology R & D and industrial promotion, build a “Chinese core” that can be used greatly, and provide safe and solid core computing power for the digital transformation and upgrading of the whole society.

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