From November 29 to December 2, the “2021 SAP Joint Innovation Summit and SAP icc25 anniversary”, hosted by SAP (SAP), the world’s leading enterprise software supplier, was grandly held in Wenchang, Hainan Province. The summit invited more than 10 senior executives from Feiteng, Langchao, Huawei, Intel, SUSE and other enterprises to discuss how to deepen cooperation, promote joint innovation, build a digital ecosystem and help Chinese enterprises’ digital transformation under the background of digital intelligence era. Feiteng company was invited to attend and won the “joint innovation partner Excellence Award”.

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As the platinum sponsor of this event, Dr. Yang Wei, general manager of solutions Department of Feiteng company, was invited to attend the theme forum on the morning of November 30 and delivered a keynote speech on “Feiteng and SAP help Chinese enterprises enter a new era of digital transformation”. He said that the trend of in-depth integration of industry digitization and industry information creation in the new era is becoming more and more obvious, which puts forward very high requirements for CPU security, energy efficiency, compatibility and industry adaptability, and has richer and diversified demands for industry software ecology. Over the past 20 years, Feiteng has adhered to the development concept of “independent innovation of core technologies and open and joint industrial ecology”, built a prosperous and open software and hardware ecosystem, and expects to work with the majority of ecological partners including SAP to help Chinese enterprises enter a new era of digital transformation.

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As the world’s top enterprise software supplier, SAP serves 94% of the world’s top 500 enterprises and provides solutions to more than 15000 Chinese enterprises. SAP China Joint Innovation Center (PAC) aims to provide one-stop services including innovation platform, supporting technology and flexible venues with the help of SAP’s cutting-edge technology, work with partners to jointly incubate innovative products and solutions serving Chinese customers, and help Chinese customers become smart enterprises. As a leading independent core chip provider in China, Feiteng attaches great importance to compatibility and adaptation with SAP. At this summit, Feiteng won the joint innovation partner Excellence Award issued by SAP, accelerating the certification process between Feiteng and SAP.

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In the future, Feiteng will work with SAP to carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation in common customer service, accelerated product adaptation and ecological resource sharing, jointly support the transformation and upgrading of major industries and central enterprises, cooperate with ecological partners to build a “computing base” of digital economy, enable thousands of industries, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the new development of Digital China.

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