Analog Devices’ next-generation TIgerSHARC processors ADSP-TS201, ADSP-TS-202 and ADSP-TS203. Its DSP performance per watt is the highest. TIgerSHARC processors provide designers with a new platform to build high-performance and memory-focused signal processing and imaging applications, from full software-defined radio implementations of 2G, 2.5G and 3G wireless base stations, 3D ultrasound and other medical imaging Systems, radar and sonar applications to industrial instrumentation, designers can benefit from the seamless multiprocessing of low-power, low-cost, and software-programmable digital signal processors (DSPs). In many of these systems, the key issue is performance density. That said, performance per dollar, performance per watt or square inch of board area can only be achieved by a combination of multiple processors working together. The new series of TIgerSHARC processors can provide 1800MFLOPS/watt, 85MFLOPS/dollar and 3600MFLOPS/square inch.

As a software programmable processor that can be programmed in C++/C++ and/or assembly language, the TIgerSHARC processor is an IP that can be easily reused. Therefore, R&D productivity can be enhanced through the replacement of each product. This programmability allows designers to remotely upgrade products that have already been shipped, thereby greatly reducing product maintenance costs.

Costing less than $35, the ADSP-TS203 has twice the floating-point performance, twice the fixed-point performance and twice the memory than similarly priced processors. The ADSP-TS203 reaches 86MFLOPS/USD, and the unit price of 10K volume is $34.95.

All three processors are pin-compatible and come in a 25x15mm 576-pin BGA package. ADSP-TS201 provides 500MHz and 600MHz operating frequency, on-chip memory 24Mb. The operating frequency of ADSP-TS202 and ADSP-TS203 is 500MHz, and the on-chip memory is 12Mb and 4Mb respectively.

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