What Yufan Micro brings to you today is the overview and feature application of Jiuqi NY8B062D MCU. NY8B062D MCU is an 8-bit MCU with EPROM as memory, designed for I/O applications such as home appliances or measurement. Adopt CMOS process and provide customers with significant advantages such as low cost, high performance, and high cost performance. The NY8B062D core is built on the RISC reduced instruction set architecture and can be easily programmed and controlled, with a total of 55 instructions. Except for a few instructions that require two instruction clocks, most instructions can be completed with one instruction clock, allowing users to easily complete different applications with process control. Therefore, it is very suitable for a variety of low to medium memory capacity but complex applications. NY8B062D has built-in high-precision eleven plus one-channel 12-bit ADC analog-to-digital converter, and high-precision voltage comparator, which is sufficient for detection and measurement of various analog interfaces.

1. Features of NY8B062D MCU

(1) In terms of I/O resources, NY8B062D has 14 flexible bidirectional I/O pins, and each I/O pin has a separate register to control it as an input or output pin;

(2) In terms of infrared remote control products, NY8B062D has a built-in infrared carrier launch port with selectable frequency;

(3) There are four sets of timers, which can be counted by the system clock as a general timing application or triggered by an external signal, providing three sets of 10-bit PWM outputs and three sets of buzzer outputs, which can be used to drive motors, LEDs, or Buzzer, etc.; NY8B062D MCU

(4) Using a dual clock mechanism, the high-speed oscillation clock or the low-speed oscillation clock is input by the internal RC oscillator or external crystal oscillator;

(5) A variety of working modes can be selected, such as Normal mode, Slow mode, Standby mode and Halt mode, which can save power consumption and prolong battery life;

(6) In power-saving modes, such as standby mode and sleep mode, there are multiple interrupt sources that can be triggered to wake up the NY8B062D into normal operation mode or slow mode to handle emergencies.

2. NY8B062D MCU function

14 I/O pins that can individually control the input and output directions;

Internal pull-up resistor or open-drain output can be selected, and can be used as input or open-drain output;

An 8-bit up-counting timer (Timer0) contains a programmable prescaler. Three groups of 10-bit countdown timers (Timer1, 2, 3) can be automatically reloaded or continuously counted down;

Three 10-bit PWM outputs (PWM1, 2, 3), three buzzer outputs (BZ1, 2, 3);

38/57KHz infrared carrier (IR) frequency can be selected, and the polarity of the carrier can also be selected by register.

Built-in power-on reset circuit (POR). Built-in low voltage reset function (LVR);

Built-in watchdog timer (WDT), the switch can be controlled by the configuration word;

Built-in resistance/frequency converter (RFC) function; dual clock mechanism, the system clock can switch high-speed oscillation or low-speed oscillation at any time.

3. Application of NY8B062D MCU

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the NY8B062D microcontroller is an 8-bit microcontroller with EPROM as memory, which is suitable for most home appliances and I/O application designs such as measurement, and various consumer small appliances in life, such as juicers, electric cookers and small appliances. Fans, etc. can be used!

Reviewing Editor: Tang Zihong


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