Craig Petrie, bitware’s vice president of marketing, said: “the workload of modern data centers is incredibly diversified, which requires customers to implement a variety of scalar, vector, matrix and spatial architectures. Ia-840f ensures that customers can quickly and easily take advantage of the advanced features of Intel agilexfpga. For customers who tend to engage in FPGA application development at an abstract level, we also include support for oneapi. This new unified software programming environment enables customers to use a single code base to program for agilex FPGA, achieving native high-level language performance on multiple architectures. “

Features and performance of programmable solutions based on Intel

The new ia-840f provides a variety of enterprise class features and performance, including:

Support for Intel oneapi unified software programming environment

HDL Developer Kit: API, PCI Driver, application case design and self fault diagnosis

Precise substrate management controller (BMC)

Thermal cooling options: passive, active or liquid

Multiple expansion ports for additional PCI, storage, or network I / O

In order to simplify the cross architecture development work, oneapi includes data parallel C + +, a direct programming language, and a series of libraries suitable for API based programming. Based on C + +, data parallel C + + integrates sycl from Khronos group. In this way, the reuse of code among multiple architectures can be greatly simplified, and at the same time, the custom tuning of accelerator can be facilitated.

Patrick Dorsey, vice president of products for Intel programmable solutions group, said: “Intel’s agilexfpga and cross platform tools, including oneapi toolkit, have played a demonstration role, making these latest FPGAs and their powerful functions more convenient to operate – including easic integration, HBM integration, bfloat16, optimized tensor calculation block, computeexpresslink (CXL),”, And 112gbps transceiver data rate, suitable for high-speed 1GHz computing solutions and 400gbps + connection solutions. The agilex platform and oneapi tools are highly customizable and heterogeneous, enabling products such as bitware’s new ia-840f accelerator card to drive innovation from the edge to the cloud. “

The first batch of ia-840f cards are scheduled to ship from the second quarter of 2021. Customers can purchase new cards from bitware’s terabox Series in the form of Dell or HPE pre integrated servers, providing a three-year comprehensive warranty. Each terabox server is pre installed with FPGA card, operating system, drivers and tools.

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