6430 sub FA programmable source meter integrates the voltage and current sources and measurement functions of Keithley source meter products and source measurement unit (SMU). It has higher sensitivity, lower noise and higher input impedance than electrometer. This unique performance is achieved by the 6430 remote preamplifier, which provides a very sensitive bidirectional amplifier for measuring or generating the current of the device under test. The high-level signal output from the remote preamplifier is sent to the control host through a two meter long cable. This allows users to connect the signal directly or in close range to reduce the impact of cable noise.

Features and function application of jishili 6430 Ya FA programmable source meter

Product features:

0.4fap-p (4e-16a) noise

The far end preamplifier can be located at the signal source and transmitted after amplification to reduce noise

Input impedance is 1016 Ω

High speed – up to 2000 readings per second

61 / 2 bit resolution

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